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Is Becker CPA Review Course worth it? -

I'm sure this has been asked many times. I know you will pay a premium for
purchasing Becker CPA Review. However, if Becker really has ...

Becker CPA Course Review - My Experience -

Overall: C (Average) Comprehensively, the Becker review program is good and
the materials obviously work, because I passed the entire test ...

Is becker worth paying that much money? -

Hi guys, I am new in this forum..planning to start CPA exam; I am sure this
question was asked before too.. I saw mixed reactions about review ...

Becker (FAR & BEC)...switching to NINJA? Reviews -

so i found out that i got a 63 on FAR(2nd attempt, same score) and 68(1st attempt
) in BEC this past window. I currently use the becker software.

Becker Live Review? - - -

Has anyone ever taken the live Becker Review classes? I am thinking about
taking FAR that way and I wanted to hear if anyone had ...

Becker Final Review is it absolutely necessary?! -

HI everyone is the becker final review NECESSARY? to pass the FAR exam or is
the regular material more than enough to pass the CPA parts ...

Is Becker's questions still good? -

I have took the FAR in Nov.2018 I thought even the gleim's Simulation is not an
example for the real test. This year I'm trying Becker for review ...

Hey Becker Users: Becker Final Review Audit OR Ninja MCQ Audit

I'm studying for Audit now with an October 30 exam date. If you had to buy only
one item to supplement your Becker course for Audit would you ...

How to get the best price for Becker -

I am wanting to purchase Becker...but it is super expensive. ... about 1/4 of the
cost of Becker and it seems as though others give great reviews ...

Becker Live Online vs Becker Live? -

I'm just beginning my CPA exam review and studying, and am considering two
options: Becker's Live classes, or their new "Live Online" ...



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