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Is Roger CPA Review Good for Candidates With Short Attention Span?

I've been searching around and trying to read as much as I can on the Roger
CPA Review and what people think about it. I'd figured that I'd see ...

Anybody pass FAR CPA Exam using only Roger CPA Review?

I'm getting ready to start studying for FAR and have limited my options down
between Wiley CPAexcel and Roger CPA Review. I heard Roger ...

Roger CPA Review questions vs actual CPA Exam? -

All the reviews of Roger CPA Review I read online seems to say the lectures are
great but the software questions are too easy. I'm working ...

Rogers CRAM Courses - Reviews? - -

I am taking Rogers' full course, so I'm wondering how it stacks up against the full
program, and how well it ... Any reviews would be appreciated.

Roger Cram Course -

Hi….looking for reviews on Roger's Cram Course. Failed FAR With a 58 using
Becker and doing a couple Ninja MCQs (not enough :().

Roger CPA Review & UWorld - Not up to a good start -

UWorld acquired Roger CPA Review back in July of this year. The press release
said "Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA will continue creating videos ...

Roger CPA Review - AUD Review course? -

Hello, I am currently studying for AUD using Becker, but I'm interested in
potentially switching review courses for this section. I have heard good ...

Roger CPA Review - Strengths & Weaknesses? -

I was using Roger CPA Review and wanted some feedback on the strengths and
weaknesses. Are there better review courses. I -

How was Roger CPA Review? -

For anyone that has used Roger CPA Review, I am looking to purchase it very
shortly here. BUT, before I do that- I am looking for a review ...

Audio Reviews - NINJA, Wiley, Roger, or Gleim -

Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out which audio product for FAR would be the
best between Wiley, Roger, and Gleim? I have an hour commute ...



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