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Studying with Wiley CPAexcel? -

Hello, For all of those who studied with (or are currently studying with) Wiley
CPAexcel, I was wondering if you bought the platinum version or ...

Those that use Wiley cpaexcel only -

They say that 9/10 student passes with Wiley. If that's the case why do I see
people using roger or Becker more. Shouldn't cpaexcel be popular ...

Wiley CPAexcel Skip Diagnostic Assessments? -

Was curious if anyone else skips these Wiley CPAexcel diagnostic assessments
before starting a new topic? I could see if you're in a pinch for ...

Wiley CPAexcel Reviews vs NINJA -

May 2, 2018 ... Wiley CPAexcel Reviews vs Switch to NINJA CPA Review: Emily writes in, "I
have Wiley CPAexcel from a few years ago, "and it's still active, ...

Help! Anyone that has used Wiley CPAexcel -

Hello everyone, I want to sit for FAR at the end of February. I am using Wiley to
study and am moving very slow through the units. At the current ...

I have Wiley CPAExcel and I am confused -

Hi, so I have Wiley CPAExcel and I am loving the format and everything and
material, however, I am confused about something. See, I think one ...

My Experience with Becker vs. Wiley + CPAExcel -

So I felt like I should post here since I just passed all four parts of the exam in
December and I wanted to pass along my experience. To give ...

Need Study Tips!! (Using Wiley CPAExcel) -

I'm looking for a few tips/have a few questions. I just finished my first 2.5 hours of
studying for FAR…As the title states I'm using Wiley CPA Excel ...

Becker or Wiley CPAexcel? -

Becker or Wiley CPAexcel are the two courses that are directly billed. Becker
seems to be the “premiere” program, but the Wiley material also ...

Wiley CPAexcel platinum 2018 -

Is anyone using Wiley CPAexcel review course? I know Jeff says they are good
people but I've had multiple issues with their software and their ...



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