Start Your Journey with a CPA Exam Study Guide Roadmap

When embarking on your journey toward your CPA designation, having a roadmap in hand is an absolute necessity. Before you pack your bag with a review course, find a CPA Exam study guide.

Some are free, and some cost money. They all offer invaluable guidance on that long road that starts with a single step.

A CPA Exam study guide will help you navigate through applying to take the exam. Once your application is accepted, you’ll need a study schedule that keeps you on track and reviewing effectively. Study guides emphasize building on such a schedule.

A study guide will alert you to tricks and strategies that can boost your score by vital extra points. Learning the how-to of test taking can make the difference between passing and failing.

There’s a lot of clutter to avoid on the way, and a good CPA Exam study guide will help you avoid roadblocks.

Explore the Industry Ones First

Here are a few to check out. Start with the freebies, of course, before you pay for one. You’ll find others online.

The American Institute for CPAs has created a free Study Aid app for exam candidates. The app, which is customized specifically for you, is designed to keep you headed in the right direction through the study process. It is not intended to teach CPA Exam content.

Find the AICPA app here at CPA Exam Aid.

Many top rated CPA review courses offer free study guides both to help you and also to possibly persuade you to invest in their course.

The One And Only ‘CPA Survival Guide'

Since 2008, we have been producing the free CPA Survival Guide. It was the first guide of its kinds and pardon us for saying it but we also think it is the best 🙂

You can also see if your potential review courses makes a free study guide available. Kudos to them if they do!


Last but not least there is your favorite online bookstore (*cough* Amazon *cough*), you’ll find a variety of study guides.

Don’t leave home without your CPA Exam study guide!