CPA Score Release: What To Do While Waiting

Congratulations on taking the CPA exam. You are relieved the exam is over, but now must wait for the scores. This waiting period can be more trying than actually sitting for the exam. Use this article as a guide to expand horizons.

Take other candidate's advice with a grain of salt. In other words, do not get carried away by listening to what other candidates say. Heresay never helps anyone. Your friends may be incorrect. Engage in light exam-related conversation only. Doing anything more will likely have you doubting yourself.

Look over the study materials. Every candidate will have one or two (maybe more!) areas that leave questions on the mind. To ease your mind, look over your study materials to find answers. This is an excellent way to learn.

Start preparing for the next exam. You read that correctly. It is rare to pass all parts of the CPA exam at one time. Even if you do achieve this shining accomplishment, it never hurts to embed the educational topics in your mind. Your career and personal development will both improve.

Rejuvenate yourself. You deserve to take a few hours, or days, to fully recuperate from this high-stress examination. Treat yourself to a favorite hobby that takes your mind off of the exam. Take a day trip to explore new territory. Attend a concert. Schedule a relaxing massage. Learn a new skill. Go on a hike to get back to nature. Whatever it is, do it. Do it now to honor yourself and your accomplishments. Make a point of remembering that many accounting students dream about taking the CPA exam, but you actually did it. Congratulate yourself.

Start meditating. Meditating, at any level, has been used for centuries to reduce stress and help people live healthier lives. If you are already a practicing participant, jump right in. If not, there are always classes going on at local spas, meditation retreats, or other similar venues. It is never too late to incorporate this valuable art into your daily routine. This is especially true after taking the CPA exam.

Get physical. You will be a bundle of nerves after sitting for the CPA exam. Almost nothing reduces stress better than all-natural physical activity. Consider increasing your time swimming, jogging, running, hiking, or participating in any other activity that releases the endorphins (“feel good” hormones).

Take a break from the NASBA website. It is common for candidates to check the site hundreds of times daily. Lower your anxiety level by giving yourself at least 10 days away from this valuable site.

Go about everyday work life. We all know this sounds easier said than done. It must be done, however, to maintain sanity. Get engrossed in your career and pitch in whenever needed. Participate in a new project. Set up meetings with new clients. Take existing business relationships to a new level. Be truly concerned about helping others in any way possible.

Realize that states differ. Every state has its own State Board of Accountancy. Not every state participates in the online score retrieval services offered by the NASBA or National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. If you happen to live in a state that does not participate, you may be anxious for no good reason. Learn about your state's release dates. NASBA Score Information

Some things in life cannot be controlled. Waiting for the CPA Score Release is one of them. You can, however, control how you deal with the situation. Implement one or more of the above-recommended techniques for success.