Wiley CPA Review vs. Ninja CPA Review

The entire Wiley CPA Excel program is designed around the idea that you can learn and study faster and still retain the same amount of information. Wiley Review starts by focusing the CPAExcel learning experience on “bite-sized” lessons. The PC-based Wiley CPA Excel review course provides online or DVD short lectures ranging in length from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes. Short lessons help you focus and retain more information.

The Wiley CPA Platinum Course offers 4,500 multiple choice questions and 160 simulations, including new Document Review Simulations (DRS). Both Android and iPhone users will find Multiple Choice Quiz and Flashcard Mobile apps available from Wiley.

Wiley CPA Excel offers free unlimited updates without renewal fees, and the course does not expire until a year after the student passes. Unlimited access means you could take two years to pass the exam without ever having to pay an update or renewal fee.

Wiley delivers online personalized exam plans, diagnostic charts and analysis. The Wiley CPAexcel study planner is fully automated and adjusts to your changing schedule. Major products are textbook, practice questions and video instructions. CPAexcel uses state-of-the-art technology and its online capability to deliver a personalized exam plan and diagnostic charts and analysis for you,

NINJA Review Emphasizes Multiple Choice Questions

The NINJA CPA Review strategy is fresh, effective and especially appealing to students who thrive on a non-traditional approach to learning. NINJA creator Jeff Elliott offers a large NINJA package: books, multiple choice questions, audio, notes, blitz, flashcards, study planner and free survival guide.

These aides are based on the NINJA structure: Nail the accounting concepts. Intensive note taking. Nonstop multiple-choice question practice. Just re-write the notes. All comes together in the week before the test.

Jeff does not believe CPA Exam candidates need the videos offered by expensive review courses to pass the CPA Exam. He suggests they “nail the concepts” with review material that explains accounting fundamentals. Take intensive notes on concepts forgotten or misunderstood, he says. Only then should a CPA Exam candidate move on to non-stop multiple-choice question practice, he suggests.

Jeff emphasizes that the single most important part of CPA Exam studying is preparing for the Multiple Choice Questions. The NINJA MCQs excel because NINJA puts concepts into the context that students need for the CPA Exam. The more than 6,500 MCQs that NINJA provides for practice are a much larger number than any other review course. NINJA is the first review course to offer an MCQ Audio.

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