Wiley CPAexcel: 20 Things To Know (Before Buying)

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1. Wiley CPA Review is a highly-regarded CPA Review Course

Most reputable course review sites have Wiley as a top-3 option and for a good reason. “Wiley CPA Review is a CPA review course that has been on the market for a long time and has lots of practice questions and plenty of video lectures. It’s also a good value.” – iPasstheCPAExam

2. Wiley CPAexcel is AICPA-Licensed

Wiley CPAexcel is AICPA-Licensed and has access to the AICPA Examinations Team, and knows what's coming on the CPA Exam.

(NINJA is also an AICPA-Licensed course 😀 )

3. Wiley CPA is among the Biggest Names in CPA Exam Prep

Wiley CPA is among the biggest names in CPA Exam prep. They've been around for a long time and are among the top 3 or 4 names that CPA candidates typically know.

4. Wiley CPA Costs $2,199 (Pro) to $2,499 (Platinum)

Wiley CPA has 2 main course packages: Pro ($2,199 retail price) and Platinum ($2,499 retail price).

5. Wiley CPAexcel Platinum is the Best Wiley Package To Buy

If you're buying Wiley, go with Wiley Platinum, as it has more features (11th Hour Final Review) and is barely more expensive than the Pro option.

6. Wiley CPAexcel Platinum has a Final Review

Wiley CPAexcel Pro and Platinum include printed flashcards, but Wiley Platinum exclusively has the 11th Hour Final Review (cram course).

7. Wiley CPAexcel Works Great with NINJA CPA as a Supplement

Many NINJAs are also Wiley students, and Wiley works great with NINJA CPA.

If you're struggling to pass the CPA Exam, add NINJA to your Wiley course for some extra firepower.

Shulem Rosenbaum (Wiley + NINJA)

Shulem Rosenbaum (Wiley + NINJA)

Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

“I used the NINJA Notes to summarize my notes and eliminate topics that aren’t tested heavily. I owe it to the NINJA Community. You have been my rock, and I hope to contribute the way you contributed to my success.”

Check out: [Wiley + NINJA CPA: How to Quickly Pass Any CPA Exam]

8. Wiley has an advertised overall Pass Rate of 90%

“9 out of 10 students who use Wiley CPAexcel pass all 4 sections of their CPA Exam.” – Wiley website

9. Wiley CPA Discounts the Platinum Course Up to $1,000

Wiley CPAexcel runs promos on their Platinum Course and typically discounts it by $1,000, give or take. If it's not on sale now, wait a week.

Get the latest Wiley Discount.

10. Wiley CPAexcel Courses have “Unlimited Access Until You Pass”

“Only pay once for continuous access and free updates until you pass—no strings attached.”

Wiley CPA Review +NINJA

11. The Wiley CPA Free Trial Includes 14 Days of Access

The Wiley CPA free trial includes:

  • Online Textbook
  • Lecture Videos
  • MCQs
  • Task-Based Simulations
  • Written Communications

(NINJA also has a free trial 😀 )

12. Wiley CPA vs Becker CPA: Wiley is $1,000 Cheaper (retail)

At a $2,500 retail price point, Wiley CPA's Platinum package is right in the middle relative to comparable packages from other courses.

Disclosure: Like our affiliate partnership with Wiley, we also have an affiliate partnership with Becker (yes, we're still cool like that).

Here is a breakdown of Wiley CPA vs Becker CPA (and NINJA) 😀

ninja-cpa-reviewwiley cpaexcel CPA Reviewbecker cpa review
Test BankTest BankTest Bank
➡️ $67➡️ $2,499➡️ $3,499
Audio🚫 Audio🚫 Audio
30 Day Returns10 Day Returns10 Day Returns
CMA Included🚫 CMA Included🚫 CMA Included
CPE Included🚫 CPE IncludedCPE Included
➡️ NINJA➡️ Wiley➡️ Becker
ninja-cpa-reviewwiley cpaexcel CPA Reviewbecker cpa review

13. You Might Get College Credit for the Wiley CPA Course

Some MAcc programs have the CPA Review course integrated into their program. If you're looking into a Master's of Accounting program, it might not hurt to email Wiley and ask them if they have any partnerships with colleges or universities where you can accomplish this very thing. Then, see if that school has an online program.

14. Wiley CPA Coupon Codes are on the Website

Back in the day, sites boasted “exclusive” coupon codes. Wiley now lists their best coupons and discounts on its site. No need to hunt around for codes anymore.

Get the latest Wiley CPA coupons.

15. Some CPA Firms Offer Employees Discounted Wiley Courses

The bigger CPA firms have relationships with various CPA Review courses like Wiley. Check with your CPA firm to see if they have a firm discount program with Wiley. It's likely much better than the “normal” discount available.

16. Wiley CPAexcel has a 10-Day Refund Policy

Wiley CPA has a 10-Day Refund & Return policy, which is better than some courses out there, as I don't see any “restocking” fee that some courses charge.

10 Days is a pretty short window to test drive it (NINJA has a 30 Day refund policy, by comparison), but with the Wiley CPA free trial, you should have a pretty good idea of what you're investing in.

“We stand behind our products and want to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. In the event you are unsatisfied with your purchase, a full refund (less shipping fees and e-book charges) will be issued upon request within 10 business days of purchase. Refunds will not be issued after this time. You will be responsible for the shipping fees to return the physical materials. Refunds of physical materials must be returned in as-new condition within 14 days of the refund agreement and will be inspected upon receipt. This refund agreement is subject to change without notice.” Wiley website

17. Wiley CPA has a Former Student Discount

Wiley CPAexcel has a former student discount of 20%. Their website will give you the current discount or the former student discount, whichever is greater. If the current discount is a better value, then you'll see a message that reads, “You can only apply one discount to this product, and the current sale running on this product is a larger discount than the 20% student discount.”

18. Wiley sells Supplements like the Wiley CPA Test Bank and the 11th Hour Final Review Cram Course as standalone options

Many CPA Review courses don't sell a standalone CPA Exam Test Bank.

Wiley, Gleim, and NINJA are the exceptions.

The Wiley CPA Test Bank costs $600 and is sold standalone as is the 11th Hour Final Review (cram course).

19. Wiley CPAexcel offers Financing

Yes, Wiley offers financing. Per the Wiley website: “0% financing for 12 months, payments as low as $124.92/mo*.”

20. The Wiley CPA Login is Easy to Find

Despite being relatively easy to find, Wiley CPA login is a popular search term.

To login to Wiley CPA:

  1. Go to https://www.efficientlearning.com/cpa/
  2. Click [Sign In] in upper-right corner
  3. Login


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