Wiley Test Bank vs. Ninja MCQs

Compare the Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank to NINJA MCQs, and you’ll find NINJA provides more than 6,500 questions while Wiley offers more than 4,500.

The Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank provides more than 4,500 CPA Exam practice questions with detailed answer rationales and 160 task-based simulations, including more than 10 new Document Review Simulations (DRS). These practice questions provide full CPA practice exams that fully replicate the Prometric Interface with forms and formats for the most current exam. That means your practice simulates the real test environment.

Rationales, hints, and full text explanation are provided for every MCQ in the Wiley test bank.

The Wiley test bank is designed to track strengths and weaknesses so that you can identify and tag weak subject areas. You can customize reports by including or excluding saved sessions.

The Wiley test bank software lets you customize question sets so that you can focus on sharpening needed skills. Allowing you to view your progress by topic helps you understand where you have reached passing threshold. You may filter progress reports by subtopic and view them as a raw score or in percentages. Filter question sets by subtopic, never-seen-before and more, and you can randomize to prevent memorization.

You can get 1-year access to the complete Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank of AUD, BEC, FAR and REG, or you can purchase just the single exam parts you need for a smaller sub-set. You have unlimited custom practice sessions and tests with the Wiley Test Bank.

NINJA Says MCQs Most Important in CPA Exam Studying

NINJA creator Jeff Elliott emphasizes preparing for the Multiple Choice Questions as the single most important part of CPA Exam studying. As a result, NINJA reviewers say his MCQ test bank outstrips all competitors. NINJA MCQs excel because Elliott puts concepts into the context that students need for the CPA Exam.

NINJA provides a much larger number of MCQs for practice — more than 6,500 — than any other review course. A lot of people like to add the NINJA MCQs to the videos they’ve purchased from other review courses.

Each full-length NINJA practice exam is weighted according to the AICPA CSO to build a stronger MCQ foundation.  More than 6,500 CPA Exam questions are AICPA-licensed, and more than 250 simulations are included. Authoritative literature is included with the simulations. NINJA provides practice memos with BEC Written Communications.

NINJA MCQs offer full text explanations, keywords and citations with each question. These MCQs come with a glossary of key CPA accounting terms relevant to the CPA Exam. Adaptive Learning Technology helps you customize your study sessions and shows you the score that you are trending toward.

NINJA gives you unlimited online access to practice exams for three months. NINJA is the first review course to offer an MCQ Audio.




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