NINJA CPA Review Benefits

Deciding to pursue the career path of becoming a CPA involves many decisions. One of the most important ones involves choosing an effective and reputable review course that suits your individual needs. One of the most popular ones is known as the NINJA CPA Review. Read further to gain further insight into why this program may be for you.

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Online and Offline Versatility

The NINJA CPA Review program is available in a digital format.


The NINJA CPA Review Notes contain action-packed information in a PDF format. Everything is in a concise, to-the-point manner that makes learning efficient. Users can print out content or save to their computer.

  • 110 Action-Packed Pages Per Section (on average)
  • The Perfect Last-Minute Review
  • Concise & To The Point
  • Works Greate With Any CPA Review Course
  • Designed For Repeat Reading
  • Contains The Absolute Must-Know Concepts


We live in a mobile society. NINJA Audio offers candidates a listening/learning experience unlike any other. Information is easy to transport and listen to in cars, while standing in lines, or anywhere else a few moments can be spared for learning. Information is designed for repeat listening. It contains valuable tricks that benefit candidates.

CPA Review Audio Course (MP3)

  • 3 Hours Per CPA Exam Section (on average)
  • Have A Commute? Grab 5 Hours Of Extra Study Time (minimum) Per Week (guilt-free)!
  • Study At Your Desk… The Gym… While Doing Laundry… Household Chores… Anywhere Your Phone Is!
  • Created For Auditory Learning & Keeps You Engaged
  • Designed For Repeat Listening
  • IPhone or Android works on any mobile device or tablet
  • Repeat & Retain The Concepts So You'll Remember Them On Exam Day


Some candidates love digital books. NINJA comes to the rescue. This six chapter, AICPA-licensed content book contains precise regulation data that every CPA candidate must completely learn to pass the exam. It integrates MCQ and examples of real-life questions. Information is presented in a very brain-friendly layout that stimulates learning. At a price of only $97, it fits into most budgets.

  • Formatted For Easy Reading/Skimming
  • 470 Pages Per CPA Exam Section (on average)
  • Comprehensive, Without Any Fluff or Filler
  • AICPA-Licensed Content
  • Integrated MCQ & Example Problems
  • Instant Download To Your Desktop or Tablet
  • Makes Complex CPA Exam Topics Easy To Understand

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NINJA Flashcards

  • CPA Exam Flashcard App (iOS & Android)
  • Contains 1,300+ Flashcards
  • Works With Any CPA Review Course
  • Uses Confidence-Based Repetition Study Algorithim
  • Remembers Weak Topics & Re-Enforces Strengths
  • Have 3 Minutes To Spare? Study!
  • Recovers Lost Study Time Spent On Local Media


Formerly Bisk CPA Review's $2,000 Video Course

  • CPA Review Videos (Online)
  • 65+ Hours Of Video
  • Featuring Legendary Instructor Bob Monette
  • Special Bonus: Bisk Hot Spot Videos


No matter how hard a candidate may try to avoid cramming for any examination, this process is usually inevitable. Luckily, NINJA CPA Review has a video series known as Blitz. Blitz takes information and transforms it into a concise, time-saving format that offers a truly efficient learning experience for anyone pressed for time.

  • CPA Review CRAM Videos (Online)
  • The Popular NINJA Notes / NINJA Audio Hybrid
  • Recommended Viewing During Final Week of Studying
  • Rapid-Fire Review of Must-Know Information


Being confident, aware, and prepared is crucial for any CPA candidate. Candidates must get used to reading, studying, and understanding real-life exam questions. Known as NINJA MCQ, this study tool provides AICPA-licensed content taken from previous exams. The entire program contains over 6,500 questions. It uses the adaptive learning technology, allowing each candidate to customize the studying process.

  • Online CPA Exam Testbank
  • 6,000+ MCQ & 200+ SIMS
  • AICPA-Licensed Content
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Authoritative Literature
  • Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Online Access: Great With Desktops, iPads & Tablets
  • 90% Accuracy For Trending Score Resulting In Passing
  • 89% Pass Rate Since New CPA Exam Launch


  • Audio Practice Exams (MP3)
  • Questions & Explaination In Audio Format
  • Practice MCQ While Driving, At The Gym, At Work… Anywhere Your Phone Is!!

Made By A CPA & CPA Candidates

The author, Jeff Elliott, is an actual real-life CPA who started blogging about his first-hand experiences of preparing for, and taking, this arduous examination.

He noticed areas that needed improvement and began sharing his thoughts online.

Soon, others started asking him for advice.

This advice and candidate feedback is the foundation for the life-changing industry program known as the NINJA CPA Review.

NINJA cut through the nonsense and getsto the root of any concern. It saves time, money, and frustration.

Provides Personalized Feedback

Unlike some CPA review courses, candidates who purchase this program have real-time access to the actual author/developer, Jeff Elliott. This can be a huge relief for candidates who value the personal touch.

Additionally, they have access to all NINJAs old and new via the #1 CPA Exam Forum and the new NINJA LMS (Learning Management System).

Very Economically Priced

Passing the CPA exam can be costly, if not done properly. Candidates flock toward NINJA due to its especially favorable pricing. When compared to other reputable programs, candidates can save thousands of dollars.

We've eliminated all the clutter and indecision by offering the ONLY Pay As You Go CPA Review on the market.

You get:

All 8 Study Weapons outlined about for your chosen section  (AUD, BEC, FAR or REG) for one low monthly $67.


  1. High Front Cost
  2. Contracts
  3. Financing

When you finish and pass one exam section you can start  studying for the next with no need to repurchase or resubscribe.

You can cancel at anytime for any reason.

You get it all for only  – $2.23 per day (that is less than a Starbuck's Grande Vanilla Latte!)

We welcome you to join the near one hundred thousand CPA candidates, since 2008, who have put their trust in Another 71 and NINJA CPA Review.

Your pocketbook, studying schedule, and stress level will all thank you. Good luck!

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