Waiting for FAR, Looking to BEC

05 Dec 2010

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By J.W.

J.W. is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam.

He has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since August 2010.

Week 9:

My two week study sabbatical is over today. If all went well with FAR (fingers crossed) it will be the last study break I take until I finish the exam.

Next on my agenda is BEC, which I tentatively have scheduled at the end of January. I figured with the Holiday’s coming up, it’s best to build in an extra couple weeks for the inevitable study delays that will happen. I say tentatively because if FAR ruins Christmas, I will ramp up the studying for BEC and push it closer to Mid-January, so I have an extra 5-6 weeks to restudy FAR which I’ll take end of February.

Like I said though, hopefully that won’t happen and then I’ll take Audit at the beginning of April and REG at the end of May. I chose this order because I’ll have just over 2 months to study for Audit since it will likely be harder in 2011, and just under 2 months to study for REG. So from here on out it’s full speed ahead, so no more study CPA Exam study sabbaticals under it’s a permanent study sabbatical.

If FAR ruins Christmas however, I’ll have to throw these plans out the window.

Back to BEC now. Since my original CPA plan was to take BEC in 2010, I have the Yaeger CPA Review 2010 BEC material. In hindsight, I probably should have been real with myself and realized two tests in 2010 was going to be too much, but that’s why hindsight is 20/20 I guess. I will watch the Yaeger DVDs, and likely ignore “Business Structures” whenever that section comes up since that will not be tested on BEC and I will go through the 2010 questions until I get my 2011 Wiley Test Bank in a week or two.

I also plan on picking up a 2011 Wiley book to bridge any sort of gap in the material.

I want to start working more MCQ’s into my study schedule. Last time I would move on after doing the just the recommended questions no matter what my score was on them as I figured I’d have to know them all eventually and I’d get back to them. This time I plan on mastering each section before I move on to the next and then designating one day a week as a review day to keep them fresh in my mind as I progress through the material.

On another note, waiting for a score sucks. I can’t believe I’ll have to wait another 3 weeks to get my FAR score. It creates so much uncertainty going forward.

Will I have to change my study plans, or won’t I?.

It’s like an extra layer of torture on top of the studying and taking of the exam.

There’s not much use in complaining about it because it is, what it is. But I wish they could speed it up a little bit, make five waves or something like that.

The countdown begins again: 9 weeks until BEC.


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