FAR Exam Complete: The Wait for My Score Begins

Karen is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey fellow NINJAs!!

It's been quite a while since my last blog but things have been kind of crazy to say the least. I took my FAR exam on Monday, November 5th. I put in an incredible amount of study time for this exam.

I have no clue as to the number of hours but I do know that the four days prior to the exam I put in four, twelve hour study days. This was my second time to sit for FAR and by the time Monday came, I was fried and really ready to get it over with.

I know at a minimum that I completed over 3000 MCQs and over 100 SIMS this time alone. I constantly listened to Jeff's FAR NINJA Audio at work also. And I mean constantly.

I arrived at the Prometric Center two hours early. It's a really small center (seven seats), they have always been great about letting me start early and this time was no exception.

I sat in my truck for an hour just reading over some last minute things and drinking my Mocha Frappe. I did get to start an hour early.

I have never been able to tell if the MCQs were easy, medium or hard but I do have to admit that there were very few surprises. I hope and pray that is not the kiss of death.

The SIMS were manageable. I started the SIMS with about one hour and forty-five minutes left. The first time I took FAR, I only had about and hour and fifteen minutes so I made sure to allow myself the extra time.

And now the wait begins. The next score release is November 26th and my birthday is November 30. This is my last exam to pass. I sure hope that Santa Claus brings me an early birthday present!

It's Friday evening as I write this, and this is my first weekend free of studying in a long time. So this Georgia peach is kicking back with a glass or two of peach wine and doing nothing.

Congratulations to all of those who have received passing scores in the past couple of days, good luck to those who are waiting on scores, and to those who haven't received good news, don't give up!! This FAR exam was my twelfth exam since staring this process two years ago.

Again, best wishes!!


P.S. How bout them DAWGS and FALCONS!!!

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