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CPA Exam Blogger Blake: Week 17

Two of Four Sections Passed!

It’s been a solid month since I have blogged about my CPA journey, and to be honest it has been about a month since I have studied for FAR.

I had some personal issues which popped up right in the middle of my FAR studies which indefinitely derailed my focus and energy.

I wasn’t sure when I would get back into the swing of things, but with an October 13th FAR date, I knew I need to really get started.

As we all know, scores from June/July came in the last few days, and I received the lift I needed. I finally received my scores from AUD (7/8) and BEC (8/5). I passed both with flying colors; 92 for AUD and 85 for BEC.

What an amazing feeling to look up my scores for the very first time on NASBA’s website. My heart was pounding the first time I looked up the scores but it was all premature as my scores hadn’t arrived. On Friday the 16th, I received the BEC passing score and 10 hours later I received my AUD score. What a rush.

My spirits were very low the past three weeks, but these two scores figure to straighten out my wayward ship. I will be back at the library putting in the usual 6-8 hour days that got me to my previous passing scores.

I can’t wait to start work in November and have at least two passing scores already down. If I knock off REG and FAR quickly I get a nice $3000 bonus, which I desperately need!!!

I learned that if you put in the time with your materials, you will likely pass. I’m riding a nice natural high for the next three weeks right into my date with FAR on October 13th.



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