Countdown: 24 hours to AUD

07 Jul 2011

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24 Hour Countdown to my First CPA Exam!

Well, the time has arrived.  I’m finishing up my studies to sit on July 8th for Auditing.  I’ve gone through all of my Becker materials at least two times now and I will go through every MCQ possible in the next day.

I ended up going back through all of the chapters and writing out all the main concepts; I couldn't believe how much more my brain retained.  Maybe it was because it was the second time through, but I really believe that note taking/annotation is a key to studying.  I’m sure I’ll continue that practice in my other sections.

I took the Becker simulation exam on July 4th (not fun) and ended up with a 74%, which is decent but wasn’t close to the 85% I had been averaging on MCQs in my Audit section review.  We’ll see how prepared I really am Friday afternoon.

On a related note, for those who are aware of the Pacific Northwest weather, it has been very difficult to study as we have had PERFECT weather here in Seattle (a rarity in the PNW).

How does one study on a perfectly blue, cloudless day with 80 degree warmth and practically no humidity?  Not to mention, I’m surrounded by mountains and lakes to be explored!  It has been hard, but I’m willing to sacrifice this summer to take a big chunk out of my CPA goals.

After reading around the boards on Becker materials and Auditing, I feel pretty comfortable knowing that my study material and the actual exam will be somewhat similar.

I’m getting excited to be done with at least one ATTEMPT on my first section.  I’ll take a couple of days off from studying and then jump right back into it with BEC on Monday or Tuesday.

I hope everybody had a happy 4th!




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Allyson 13 years ago

Best of luck to you with AUD!

JoMarie 13 years ago

Good Luck!! I'm not that far behind you. I'm scheduled for Monday.