FAR Study + Harry Potter

15 Jul 2011

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Something became apparent to me this week: the realization of how badly I backed myself into a corner in preparing for my FAR exam on 7/30. While I generally perform better when faced with a time sensitive deadline, I probably have overdone it this go around.

With a little more than two weeks left now until the exam, I really should have allowed for at least five more weeks of studying to be adequately prepared.

Yaeger’s videos by themselves are 51 hours, and I am not completely through with those yet. When I am finished, the time I had hoped and really will need working additional Wiley multiple choice questions and rewriting notes is now limited.

By the way, I scheduled FAR many months ago. Most of the time I had intended on using to study FAR ended up going into a CMA exam. My NTS will expire on 8/2, so rescheduling will not be an option. I do not regret what I’ve done. It is just the reality of what I’m working with today as I make this first attempt at FAR.

With my job workload and personal commitments, I am currently devoting at best around 24 hours each week to studies. I haven’t figured out (yet) how to increase the hours and still maintain high work productivity and a reasonably healthy life balance.

Maybe I will just need to do away with life balance, perhaps? Or maybe you know the “secret” to time management that you can share with me!

As I mentioned last week, just getting to this place of actually sitting for a CPA exam is an achievement that I never thought could happen. So in the next two weeks I will devote every spare moment I can muster toward studying until the exam day.

I will confess, though, that I do have something non-study related that I have committed to do. My wife, who has been extremely supportive and very understanding of my time sacrifice and certification preparations, happens to be a children’s librarian.

So we were in the theater at Midnight on Thursday watching the final Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Or as one of my wife’s library patrons thinks it is titled “The Deafly Howl-Oh’s.”

If only Hermione would appear just to help me with FAR retention. Or better yet, maybe Dobby can come back from the dead to help!!

I wish everyone the very best with your exams and preparations this week.


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Allyson 13 years ago

Maybe there is a spell which will give me motivation to study.

David 13 years ago

Allyson this one may work. INCENDIO!!!

Amy 13 years ago

Perhaps Hermoine will lend you her time turner... I have audit July 30th as well...good luck to you!

Jesse 13 years ago

This sounds exactly like my situation: using Yaeger, in a time crunch for FAR. Except I'm taking FAR on the 23rd of this month. You're a better man than me... my wife is dying to see HP as well, so I promised her I'll take her right after the exam. Best of luck to you (and me). :)