FAR: Back to School or Get Schooled?

25 Jul 2011

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David is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since December 2010.

This is the big week! Saturday is FAR exam day, which will actually be my first attempt at any of the CPA exams. Ah, yes. Here I am, feeling all the excitement and anticipation of making final preparations for what feels like may be the first day of a brand new school year.

How exciting it feels indeed! But wait. Is this feeling I'm experiencing really similar to the brand new school year, or is it more like the feeling that someone gets before they're about to “Get Schooled?”

Am I maybe just about to experience having my lunch money stolen and given another wedgie all over again? I do fear that the latter choice may actually be my situation this time. I have so much preparing left to do before Saturday. But I guess we will learn the outcome at the end of September.

I have learned a great deal in preparing for this first exam though. With my Yaeger CPA Review Self Study materials, I've now covered material I never have used and haven't heard about for 25 years. Some of it seems like I'd never ever seen it for that matter.

I've learned that if Cindy Simpson had been one of my accounting instructors back in college, I definitely would have stuck with accounting as my major. She is amazing! I've also learned that working a full-time job and allowing for only 4 weeks to prepare for FAR was not the brightest idea. At least for me, I should have allowed for 8 weeks or a minimum of 6 weeks.

I've also learned that attempting to build in study time during the work week is one of the hardest things I've attempted. Thank goodness for the weekends since they have been my most productive time to study.

There can be so many distractions that come up, both unplanned and planned to take away my focus during each weekday. Admittedly, I sometimes find myself creating situations that use up my time that could be used studying. Last week it was especially tough staying focused on FAR studies.

I began the week with an eye exam after work Monday. New eyeglasses are now needed, of course. So it became a real quest for me to find “the ultimate” eyeglass frames. Between the optician visit and endless Google searches, I spent too many hours searching for new glasses.

But I now know which frame styles look best with each possible facial shape, and which frame colors look better with different hair colors, eye colors and skin tones. Please feel free to email me for any eyeglass selection advice you might need!

So what does this have to do with FAR studying you may be thinking? Absolutely nothing! And now I'm pressed even more to be set on Saturday. But, I will be sporting stylish eyeglasses for someone with a round face, brown hair, green eyes and cool skin tones very soon. Then I can move on to Google searches for the very best looking pocket protector.

I actually do find some humor in how I lost my study focus last week because of an eye exam intended to help with focusing. Regardless of Saturday's exam outcome though, wedgie or not, next week will be a brand new school term for me. FAR will be done (at least for a while) and AUD will be next on the agenda. I would like to wish everyone the best in your exams and preparations!


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Name (required) 13 years ago

Good luck on Saturday, David! Eyeglass selection advice needed, please! After your exam of course! I've been looking for frames for over a year now! Red hair Green eyes Warm skin tone (pale but with yellow undertones, not pink) Diamond shaped face (this is the least common & hence the worst to find frames for) Large almond shaped eyes Light eyebrows Big forehead

Tyler 13 years ago

David! I'll be taking my FAR exam this Sunday! Its my first one as well so I am a bit scared to see what the results will be. Funny thing is I too just got a new pair of glasses! LOL Good luck to you!