Audit: Exam or Root Canal?

04 Aug 2011

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My root canal… umm sorry about that. I should have said AUD exam. Well AUD exam you are next on my list! Yes, I did take the FAR exam last Saturday. So now it’s on to AUD in nine weeks.

Based on my weekly study habits preparing for FAR, that should allow me enough time to prepare this time. One lesson that I learned from the FAR attempt is that four weeks was not enough time for me to cover the materials like I wanted.

I did not complete enough multiple choice questions and I believe that my results in September will show this. I have appropriately accrued for, and am disclosing to all readers that I will have a Probable Contingent Loss because the probability is greater than 50% that I will be receiving a score below 75.

All kidding aside, I actually feel good about my first run at a CPA exam section. The experience provided me with a good feeling that enough effort and determination really will make this an attainable dream! The exams can be conquered.

So this week I am beginning Module 1 – Professional Responsibilities in the Yaeger self study and Wiley book. What a relief. I need to confess something to everyone. The whole time I was preparing for FAR, the fact that the materials began with Module 9 always left me with a nagging feeling.

I kept thinking to myself, “So what happened to Modules 1 through 8? Am I not missing something really important by skipping those eight sections?” Do any of you have any ideas about what this says about me, or know how to fix what's wrong with me? Maybe now I’ll find out what I've been missing and can rest better at night.

My employer and my office are located in the very same building with a Prometric testing center. Are you envious, maybe just a tiny bit? Please don’t go hating on me for having this convenience though! Being located this close to Prometric has taught me something valuable though. It really is a good idea to visit your testing center before your very first exam day.

I can’t count how many lost frantic people wandering aimlessly in the parking lot that I’ve pointed toward the Prometric entrance. Granted these wayward confused people were all probably some sort of Engineers! While my earnest belief is that this would never ever happen to anyone who is a CPA Candidates, right? Please do it if you can.

So at Saturday's exam, as I getting my final testing instructions and nicely skewed blurry photograph, the Prometric employee asked me, “Are you ready for your root canal today?” After he saw that I would be taking FAR he then commented, “Oh, it's actually AUD that’s like getting the root canal, not FAR! At least that's what I've been told!”

Well here I am today and will tell everyone that AUD exam or root canal, whatever it's going to be like. I'm going to be ready for whatever can be thrown at me in October! I'd like to wish everyone the best in your exams and preparations this week!

p.s. I now have my new Poindexter glasses. And I can see things much better! Now for the one brave taker that posted requesting my help in selecting their new eyeglasses, my recommendation would be to search Google Images for “Scarlett Johansson eyeglasses” and see if you like anything that appears.


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Name (required) 13 years ago

I think you can get through a lot more MCQ in AUD because there are no calculations. From my experience, the key to audit are doing a lot of MCQs and know the all the standard audit reports like the back of your hand.If you have time at work, you can always go and practice some more MCQ.

T-rex 13 years ago

It was me, T-rex, who requested the glasses consultation. I'll definitely check out Scarlett's glasses! Thank you for the great advice and good luck with AUD. AUD will seem like a walk in the park compared to FAR.