Bonfires, Clutter, and CPA Exam Materials

18 Aug 2011

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David is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

Other than completing Module 1 of AUD in my Yaeger CPA Review self-study, I’ve been a total slacker in studying the last few days. Although being seven weeks away from the exam, I believe I am okay, at least for now. I haven’t been completely wasting the days, though.

Work is keeping me extremely busy, as usual. Oh, by the way, we are currently preparing for our next interim audit. Timely workload considering my next exam that I should be studying. Don’t you agree? These interim audits typically last about a week and really are not too bad. In fact, they are minor inconveniences especially when compared to our year end audits.

Our annual year end audit consists of an audit team that basically camps out in our offices for an entire month. I sometimes think they must actually play tag with one another one another taking turns just seeing which obscure schedules that need to be created, along with things to request for their testing and documenting! Just kidding.

Besides work, I’ve also been using inspiration gleaned from a recent Kricket update. She hit a nerve for me when she commented that, “I really want to go through my house and put every review book, CD, notebook and flashcard in a box ready for a bonfire…”

What a great idea Kricket! Maybe this will help me study more effectively! Well, not necessarily the bonfires, but I have definitely been going through the many piles of study materials and stacks of paper that I’ve accumulated for many months now, years to be truthful.

I’ve been keeping stuff in our kitchen beside the table, both of the bedrooms and on every wall in our home office. But the bathrooms have always been off limits and are a study free zone! In addition to the many CPA materials, I’ve also had lots of CMA study materials, both an old discontinued 4 part program and also the current 2 part exam.

I’ve also managed to accumulate stacks of printed materials to read and hopefully prove useful in this CPA quest. But who has time to read all that stuff? Not me anymore.

I’ve got so much stuff that I had been keeping so that I’ll be able to “get to that” after completing these exams. Have you ever seen any of the TV shows about hoarders? Well I’m not quite that bad, and hopefully never would be. But my clutter of books, magazines and printed paper has definitely created unneeded stress at home.

So why have I been keeping all the Bicycling and Men’s Health magazines? Who has time for exercise anymore? Not me anytime soon. And when will I ever be able to look or even pull off dressing like Lance Armstrong, Alexander Skarsgard, or Stephen Moyer? Don’t think it going to be in this lifetime!! Sorry about letting you down, Patti (my wife.)

Well, now that at least some of the clutter is gone and all my study materials are organized in one place, I really am feeling ready to get back to studying. I'd like to wish everyone the very best with your exams and preparations this week.


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