BEC Taken… Now on to REG

12 Jul 2011

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It’s been a while!

Since I last posted a blog, I have taken the BEC part of the exam and now I wait. I will take the other three parts before I find out the BEC score.

I find the summer months with all the kids’ summer activities, as well as being a working mom, very difficult to stick to a study schedule. I only have 2 kids, but they can keep me pretty busy with their sports schedules and doctor appointments.

Not to mention the fact I have a husband who coaches 4 seasons a year: middle school football, high school football, high school baseball regular season, and the high school baseball summer season.

The head football coach once told his wife that high school football was only 12 weeks. I have to ask when does that 12 weeks start, July when they hit it hard with work outs and drills and 2-a-days. We were still playing football in December last year, which was just a little more than 12 weeks, more like 20 weeks!

If I could stick to a study plan intensely for 20 weeks, then I would be a CPA!

I have started studying for REG now and am using Roger CPA Review and I really like it. Roger is very upbeat, energetic, and keeps your attention, as best as he can, considering the material he is trying to teach.

I am using the Wiley homework book for MCQs as well as Jeff’s NINJA Study Guide. I also like the study schedule Roger has on his website, and I am trying to tackle it in order to pass the CPA exam once and for all!!!

I’m off to tackle individual taxation.

Until next time!

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