Only a Few Days Left Until BEC on Sunday

09 Nov 2011

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I only have a few days left of studying before I retake BEC on Sunday. A part of me feels pretty good about the test, as my practice tests with the Wiley test bank are much better than last time. However, there is a little seed of doubt in the back of my mind.

Cost and Performance Measures are still my weakest sections and the pattern of practice test scores (passing, not passing, toss up) keeps me from feeling confident that I will do well. However, I am lucky to be able to take a vacation day on Friday to really focus on studying.

My plan for this week so far has been to try and do a full test worth of questions each night and spend any free time at work in the Roger CPA Review Homework book. On Friday I am planning on taking a few practice tests in “Exam Mode” in the test bank.

Saturday I will do a test drive to the testing center as there is heavy construction in the area and I don’t know what, if any, roads are blocked. I don’t want there to be any surprises on Sunday morning if I can help it.

Lastly, I will review NINJA Study Notes on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and then, hopefully, pass this test. Good luck to everyone that is taking tests in the next few weeks and congrats to all that passed in the last score release. I hope to join you in your joy in the next few weeks.

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JoMarie 13 years ago

Good Luck on Sunday!!! I'll be thinking of you!