Decision Time + Hoping for Good BEC Results

01 Dec 2011

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Erica is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since July 2011.

I retook BEC about two weeks ago. It feels like longer than that. I have been patiently waiting for my test score only to get the dredged 74…again. I don’t know what I am doing wrong to get so close but not be able to reach the magical 75.

I don’t know that I can look at my BEC study material any more than I have over the last six months. I have to re-evaluate my whole journey. While I love some aspects of my review course, I’m not sure this program is for me.

To catch everyone up on my situation, my husband is going back to school to get his Paramedic Certification, something he has always wanted to do. He is set to start in January. However, our budget is beyond tight, so while I understand the advice that a review course is an investment in myself, I don’t know that I can bring myself to put it on a credit card and have one more bill to worry about.

I’m at a crossroads of what to do. Do I put this off until we are both working and better able to afford the expense or do I keep going forward with the Wiley book, test bank, and NINJA Study Notes?

If I wait until my husband is done with school, my current letter of intent will have expired and I will have to submit a new letter of intent to the Texas State Board under the new guidelines which, I believe, means I would need to take one more college course.

Decisions, decisions, decisions….needless to say, I will be doing a lot of thinking and praying the next few days. Any advice is welcome.

While I am undecided about my CPA journey in 2012, good luck to everyone who is still waiting to get their test results back and to those studying for tests in January.

Merry Christmas!!

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Jon 12 years ago

Erica, I am not sure if what I will say is going to apply to your situation but I'd figure I would give it a try. I am sitting for the exam in NY. In NY, once you file your paperwork to sit for the exam, you are grandfathered in on those standards. In other words, since when I began this process when I was not required to get a Masters to become a CPA, I will never have to get a Masters ever to become a CPA. Not sure if Texas is like that also. I dont remember what the letter of intent is, but maybe what I said can possibly help you. Also you can also try the website or think about purchasing a CRAM course since you already have a basis of the material and it comes with additional questions. The CRAM courses also cost less and come with lectures too.

Jessica 12 years ago

I know money is tight but the course I have been using to study is Gleim. I purchase just the study book and test prep download. The cost is about $85. It has been working well for me. Good luck!

Lisa 12 years ago

Hi Erica: I'm sitting for BEC in early January and feel that we may be able to help each other with BEC...I passed Audit on first try, but have delayed BEC due to the 'shock' of the cost accounting. I have studied alot but feel a push may help me to get the add'l knowledge to make it through this one. And since you are s-o-o-o close we could probably help each other get to the finish line. If you are interested please let me know and we'll figure this out together. Lisa

Angie Gionni 12 years ago

Erica, Which review course are you currently using? How many times did you attempt BEC this year? I totally understand and am curious because the first time, I didn't pass BEC until the 5th attempt. It expired this year, but now I am at a point where I have 3 credits and only need BEC. I don't have 5 windows and am getting very nervous. Please let me know, thanks!