Preparing for First BEC Exam

25 Aug 2011

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So my test date for BEC is 3 days away!!

I have been in a state of total stress and panic for at least a week. I think this is mostly due to the unknown of how the test actually works. I know the format and how much each section might be tested, but without having actually taken one of these tests before, I’ve very scared.

I am trying to do as many MCQ as I can in the Wiley test bank and get discouraged when one test score is in the upper 70s and then take another test and barely make a 50. I’m hoping that the Wiley questions are, for the most part, harder than what I will get on the actual exam, but my biggest fear is that they are about the same.

My plan for the next few days is to keep reviewing Jeff’s NINJA notes and commit as much of it to memory as possible. I luckily have Friday off from work and can focus a whole day on memorization and MCQs.

Good Luck Everyone!! We’re almost there.

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