Plans Change + Waiting on BEC Scores in Texas

28 Sep 2011

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Hello All,

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot has changed. I am one of the lucky ones still waiting on my score for BEC. I’m trying to remain as optimistic as possible about it, but this process had definitely made me work on my patience.

So, right before I took my test my husband was thinking about taking a position up in Canada with a friend’s company, and I was looking into transferring my CPA candidate status to Washington. Since that time, the opportunity in Canada is looking less promising, so my husband is contemplating a different career path.

He was an EMT in the past and has always wanted to get his Paramedic certification. He really enjoyed his time as an EMT. It’s not very often you find a job you absolutely love, so he will be going back to school to get his paramedic certification. I know the next year or so with both of us studying is going to be stressful, but I’m sure we can make it through.

I found out that transferring CPA candidate status between states would have been a pain. While both states, in this case Texas and Washington, have the same prerequisites for taking the exam, if I were to transfer my status to Washington, I would have had to go through the prerequisite/background checks all over again. So if you can at all avoid transferring your CPA candidate status between states, I would highly recommend it.

With all the craziness that has been going on in the past few weeks, I have decided not to take a test in the fourth quarter. I need a chance to try and gain a little sense of normalcy, if that is even possible. Also, the weather in Texas is beautiful this time of year, and I know that won’t be able to resist enjoying the outdoors for the next two months or so.

So all in all I am in a holding pattern for now. I would like to get my test score before purchasing my next review course. I will probably go with Roger’s course again. He did a great job of covering the hodgepodge of topics in BEC, so I can only think he would be great on the other sections as well.

I am planning on taking REG and FAR next. If anyone has any advice for these sections, please pass it my way.

Good Luck to all taking tests in the fourth quarter!!

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Allyson 13 years ago

I hope you passed BEC. Good luck. My advice would be, if you passed BEC and the clock has started ticking, take at least one section in Q4. I took a quarter off and ended up taking a year to pass FAR. I cut it too close and lost my REG credit. Life gets in the way so bite the bullet and get this exam behind you. The 18 months go by so fast.

Jon 13 years ago

Why are you worrying about switching the state candidacy? After your pass your final exam and get licensed, you can always fill out a reciprocity form so you can practice in your current state. This will save you a bunch of time/stress while you are studying.

Erica 13 years ago

Allyson - Thank you for the advise. Deep down I know that's what I should do, however, I don't think it is going to be financially possible for me to do so. Jon - In an earlier post I had mentioned that my husband received an offer to work in Canada. The original though was that we would move up to WA. I was under the assumption that you had to physically take the test in the same state you were trying to get licensed in, which is why I was looking into transferring my status to WA. Turns out that we will probably not be moving, so that crisis is averted.

13 years ago

So happy for you and wishing you the best through the process! Love you girl!

Harper 13 years ago

If there are reasons why you can't sit for an exam, keep studying. You don't have to study at the same level as when the exam is near, but keep this information top of mind especially the things you do not use regularly at work. The greatest thing is that you can study a few hours a week instead of 20-30 and still have a life. This will make it less excruciating (my opinion) when crunch time comes around. There are some great and inexpensive tools that you can use if you did not purchase your next test materials. I have used Jeff's ninja notes which are very reasonable especially at 40% off and also If you haven't already used this, all you need is an email address and there are hundreds of questions on each section. Good luck!