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26 Oct 2011

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Hello All,

I’m back on track to retake the BEC section of the exam in November. A few weeks ago I didn’t think this was going to be financially possible. However, my prayers were answered, and I will be able to take an exam this quarter.

I never thought that I would pray to take a test in my life, but when the state of Texas only gives you 18 months to complete everything, time is of the essence. This is my understanding at least. If anyone else is in Texas can tell me what happens to your AOI after 18 months that would be very helpful.

I just submitted my eligibility application to get my NTS, so I hope to schedule my exam in the next few days. I’m hoping to take it the weekend of November 19. However, my backup plan is to take it the following weekend, since I have two days off from work for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is very tempting to wait and schedule it for the later date; however, with Thanksgiving and my birthday right after that on the 30th, I just want to be able to be lazy over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I decided to take a slightly different approach this time around. Last time, I focused a lot of time on watching Roger CPA Review videos, which are great. However, I didn’t take the time to read the book that accompanies the videos. Several things that weren’t completely explained on the videos are explained in the book. I’m about a week into studying and only have one more section of the book to read.

Another thing I didn’t do last time was complete all the assigned homework questions and Wiley book questions for each section of the test. Looking back at my test report, I did better on the sections in which I answered all the homework questions and Wiley book questions. On slow days at work, I have started to write out Jeff’s NINJA Study Notes.

My husband is going hunting this weekend, so I will have the house to myself. Hopefully, a 10 or maybe even a 20 hour study weekend is in my future. This would definitely get me through the remainder of Roger’s study book and homework questions. Then I can start hardcore on the Wiley test bank questions. I hope to have about two weeks to just do MCQs.

Another thing that I am noticing that is different this time around is I am not putting so much pressure on myself to pass. While failing is not my first choice, the world didn’t end, my friends and family still love me, and I didn’t die. My pride might have taken a hit, but that’s probably not such a bad thing.

Good Luck everyone!


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