Reschedule, Break Down, and REG Study

09 Aug 2011

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I have yet again logged into Prometric to reschedule my REG exam! Sunday 8/14 is the day I will sit for REG. My husband will have a conniption fit if I reschedule it again. I am not sure why I let work, family, friends, and lack of effective time management skills deter me from sticking to my study schedule.

Here we go again putting off another dreadful exam. I know I am going to play this game until I pass, I just haven’t figured out why I don’t find the motivation needed to endure the study plan and put in the time and effort needed to finally pass the CPA exam.

My husband gets so frustrated, rightfully so, watching me work 3 days straight to meet any deadline for work, even without sleep. But then when I am supposed to be studying, I fall into some depression mode and sleep instead of studying.

Last week, my week started with a trip to Vanderbilt for my oldest son, I could have gotten up early and studied a couple of hours, but no, I slept in until time to head to Nashville. It’s around 130 miles for me to get to Vanderbilt. I got 10 miles from Vanderbilt and my truck broke down on the side of I-40.

Here I am sitting on the side of the interstate not knowing what to do with both my boys in tow. We all prayed, and it started after 10-15 minutes. Thank you sweet Jesus! It was 100 degrees outside with heat index 105-110. It did that 3 more times before we arrived at Vanderbilt.

After our appointment, it started and got us out of Nashville, but still over 90 miles from home. It kept quitting, and I had to pull over on the side of the interstate with all those big trucks flying by, so I got off and waited for my brother to come help. He flushed the fuel filter and drove it all the way home with no trouble.

Needless to say I was upset after having so much trouble, but thankful I did not have to pay a tow truck to get it back home. It went to the shop the next day to have the fuel pump and filter, water pump, and A/C belt replaced for a whopping fee of $1352.61. That was a 2 day distraction. I will have to go back to Vanderbilt with Eli Thursday and Friday and will not be driving the old Yukon with 205,000 miles on it.

Enough of my distractions and onto the study plan. I have been using Roger CPA Review and really like it. I don’t have trouble getting through the lectures; Roger is upbeat and throws in some pretty good humor to keep you awake.

I have also used Jeff’s NINJA review notes; I like how he gives a good overview, and have even endured the time to write the notes, although I have not made it through the second time completely. I find it very difficult to stick to the MCQs and TBSs, which is on the agenda this week.

I have had a couple friends take REG exam recently and said the MCQs they studied prepared them for the MCQs on the exam, but both said the TBSs were a killer! I am so looking forward to this exam on Sunday. :-/

After I complete REG I will be using Roger CPA Review as well as Jeff’s NINJA review notes and Club 75 videos to prepare for AUD & FAR. They both have a good study schedule, and I am going to do my best to stick to it as I prepare for AUD & FAR.

Best of luck to you all!

Until next time!

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