Juggling Home, Kids, Clients, and CPA Exam Studying

14 Sep 2011

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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog. I have taken the Audit part of the exam since I last blogged. I left there thinking it wasn’t too bad, especially since I am more familiar with AUD than FAR & BEC.

I also left there thinking, “Man if I had only gotten through all of those Wiley problems, I think I would have passed for sure!” I think the TBS problems I worked with the Roger CPA Review videos definitely helped prepare me for what I was presented with on the exam.

I find it difficult to manage it all: home, kids, clients, and studying consistently! I know I am not alone! With that said, I have planned on shutting down the office, arranging friends and family to take care of the kids after school and leaving town in order to study intensively for the next five weeks.

I will be in class 7:45am-10pm, with lunch and dinner breaks of course. I will continue to use the Roger CPA Review videos, Wiley problems, and Jeff’s NINJA review notes as study tactics.

I am sure that if I am over 6 hours away from home and no ability to serve many clients, no running kids to and from, supper, homework, bath and bed routine for them, that I will be able to stick to a study plan. If I fail at that, then I do not deserve to pass the exam anyway.

I am off to start the intensive review on Sunday 9/18/11. Pray for my poor boys while I am gone, no mom, and no dad. Mom will be away studying to PASS the CPA exam, and dad will be serving other boys as he coaches middle and high school football.

When I return I will have studied for and taken all for parts of the exam and HOPEFULLY football season will be nearing an end.

Best of luck to you all!

Until next time!

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Allyson 13 years ago

Are you really going on hiatus? I'm torn between being sad (that you will miss your family) and jealous (you can get so much studying done). Good luck to you!!!!! I hope you get a pass on AUD next week.