Intensive Review + REG, BEC, & AUD Scores

03 Oct 2011

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Erica is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since March 2011.

When they say intensive, they mean intensive! I just finished my second week of this intensive review course. I have completely gone through the REG & BEC books in live lectures. I have endured long days of lectures, around 60 hours of lectures and managed to work a good 60 hours as well over the last two weeks.

I really like the live interaction of the review course, a classroom full of people going through the same thing with the ability to ask questions. Being away from my family has been the hardest part, as well as trying to serve a few clients remotely.

I have completed writing Jeff’s NINJA Study Guide for REG and am in the process of finishing BEC. I plan on going through the lectures with Roger CPA Review to add to the repetition as well as complete the homework MCQs & TBSs over the next week.

I took 3 parts of the exam in the last testing window, only one of which I half-heartedly studied for. I made a 69 on REG and mid-fifties on AUD & BEC. I have most definitely proved the fact that if you do not study, you will not pass! I also proved to myself that if you study, you will pass.

I only logged around 35-40 hours of studying for REG and did not finish the homework and made a 69. Therefore, I have left all responsibilities at home and am on a mission to put this exam behind me once and for all.

Good luck to you all as you focus on your studies and prepare to pass the CPA exam!

Until next time!

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