Introducing CPA Exam Blogger: Gavin

Gavin is a new Another71 Facebook blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam.

Zero and three; that is my record for the CPA Exam. I am sure a lot of people are thinking, “That’s not so bad. “ I would say the same thing if I didn't know that I had been studying for the past three years.

My name is Gavin, and I am a procrastinator.

I wasn’t always a procrastinator, but there are three vices about this exam that have turned me into one. One, I can postpone taking the exam for months after scheduling it well in advance.

Two, I am trying to force myself to relearn material that I already spent countless hours and money learning in college.

Three, I would rather go out to a bar, watch TV, and run house in my fantasy football league than study. These three factors are also the reason why I consider this exam to be the antichrist.

I started “studying” in 2009. By studying, I mean I purchased home study material for all four parts and let it collect dust on my shelf. Since 2009, it has been a pattern of half-hearted studying, postponing, purchasing new materials (because I will actually use them this time), and occasionally taking the exam.

I have taken Regulation, Audit, and BEC once. I did experience some success when I passed Regulation but eighteen months came and went rather quickly. I took BEC two weekends ago and have started studying for Regulation using Becker.

My strategy is lectures, note taking/flash cards, and then multiple choice questions. I am staying on task this week and look forward to giving positive updates throughout the next couple of months.

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Shawn 9 years ago

"My name is Gavin, and I am a procrastinator." Haha, definitely cracked up at that part. We all seem to become procrastinators for this exam don't we?

Chris 9 years ago

Gavin, Your story sounds so much like mine. Now that you have officially publicized your study plan, you cannot procrastinate any more. ;P Welcome aboard and good luck!