CPA Exam: The Will to Succeed

08 Nov 2011

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Gavin is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I assure you those have been busy weeks. I have been studying REG for the last several weeks using Becker.

During those weeks I learned that I am not an auditory learner; therefore, I have completely abandoned viewing the lectures.

I have adopted a “ground and pound” strategy where I bang out a chapter of notes and then do multiple-choice questions. Don’t get me wrong, the lectures are quite entertaining, but I can only stand them for so long.

I am currently waiting on my BEC score, which I took on October 1. I also took FAR without a whole lot of studying. I figured I already paid the money so I might as well get some experience.

Sitting for that exam taught me one very important lesson, you have to have the will to succeed. For the longest time I have been saying I have wanted to “pass” the exam without preparing properly. Essentially, I have been taking this exam fore granted.

I am scheduled to take REG on November 26, so I have three more weeks to literally test my will to succeed. If you are out there at your whit’s end searching for motivation, take a break and observe the score release forum. Look at all of the people who are passing and BELIEVE that you can and will be one of them.

Until next time, keep working hard and hopefully I’ll have some good news for my next post.

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Mark 12 years ago

How many hours per week are you studying?