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Introducing CPA Exam Blogger: Jenn

Jenn is a new Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Hi! My name is Jenn Schultz. I’ve been saying for the past 3 years that this is my year to pass this test. Here I am still studying for the test and looking for a 75.

Like most of you, I have played the reschedule game. However, I am no longer allowing myself to play that game. In fact I’ve given myself a time frame now as to when I will pass all four parts.

I am taking REG October 1 and then will take BEC at the end of November. Come January 2012, I will take FAR and finish with AUD the end of February. For some I know this sounds unrealistic, but for me I’m on a mission.

You see, I just found out a couple weeks ago I’m due with baby #2 at the end of March. I know once the baby arrives studying will be put so far on the back burner, it won’t even be seen.

As if studying wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I work full time at a CPA firm and am very active at my church. I keep telling myself I have to give up something because I am totally worn out from trying to do everything.

I have finally come to the realization it is time to mark the CPA test off my list since that is the “chore” I hate the most. Every day I look at a picture of my 2 year old and remind myself that I am taking another step in the right direction for my family.

With little over a month left to prepare for REG, it’s back to MCQs and NINJA notes. Happy studying and remember, baby steps.


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