Putting Down the Hi-Lighters + Revving Up for FAR Review

10 Jan 2012

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By kimj

Kim is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

I hope that 2012 has started off well for all of you!

After finally getting past so many distractions during the holidays, it feels really good to get back into my normal study routine. I’m working through my FAR study materials and working as many MCQs as I can get my hands on. But even with this said, it still feels like I’m moving at a snail’s pace when I look at all the material that I have left to cover before February 29th.

My observation is that it takes me at least two and a half hours to watch a one hour lecture video because I stop and start the video a lot to take notes. Do any of you find this to be true? Or if you know of any shortcuts or a better way of doing this, will you share?

One very helpful hint that I’ve picked up from Jeff is to put away the hi-lighters and just read the material. First of all, I didn’t realize how distracting that hi-lighting or underlining is until I quit doing it. Secondly, I think I comprehend the material better by just simply reading it. Wow… I’m 48 years old and have learned a new trick!

I have received my study materials in the mail for the FAR review course that I’m going to attend next weekend. The first thing that I noticed is that the notebook is 70 pages longer than REG was. It will be interesting to see the speed at which we cover this material since the REG review course was like a whirlwind. Guess I better get rested up and hold on for dear life!

The thing I like most about the review course is that I’ll be doing nothing but reviewing for FAR for 9 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday. There won’t be any clothes to fold, meals to cook, or phone calls to answer during that time. I’ll also use the time on the airplane going there and coming home to study as well. I’ll be pooped when the weekend is over, but it will be well worth it.

The name of the game right now is maximizing the amount of study minutes in each day. Saying ‘No’ to certain things is essential and although it tugs at my heart strings to do so sometimes, all I have to do is think about the hours and money that I have invested in my passing BEC and REG scores and I find the strength to do it.

Have a very good week.


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Mark 12 years ago

You are FLYING to your live review course?????

Kim 12 years ago

Yes, unfortunately the FAR course is not being offered in Nashville, TN. (There was not enough interest). I was able to get a fairly good price on the airline ticket because I bought it two months in advance. It's a very good review course so I made it a priority.