Still “Alive and Well” after REG

29 Aug 2011

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By kimj

Kim is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Hello to all of you and I hope that your CPA studies are going well this week. For all of you who are/were affected by the Prometric testing center closings due to the hurricane, my thoughts are with you.

On the backside of my third time to sit for REG (last Tuesday), my summary comment is, “What a ride.” The range of emotions I experienced throughout the day was all over the board. My adrenaline was high in my hotel room that morning and I was fired up about getting to the testing center and ‘diving in to the test’.

Check-in at the testing center went smoothly and one of the Prometric employees knows my name now (Ha!). Once seated at my desk, the first thing that I did was to check the power chord to the computer and make sure that it was no where near my feet. Thanks for this tip Jeff!

In working through the Multiple choice testlets, I made sure to stick to the timeline that Gleim recommends, and I felt fairly well about those three testlets. I entered the Simulations testlet with one hour and fifteen minutes remaining on the clock.

I tackled the Research simulation first and then moved to the first of the other simulations. A couple of the remaining tasks were reasonable as far as the requirements went, but were still very challenging.

Regarding the remaining three tasks, they looked like Greek. I kept saying to myself, “Really????” I prayed quietly and did the best that I could do and made sure that there was an answer in every spot.

For the next couple of days after the test, I was having trouble ‘shaking it off.’ My husband reminded me that ‘it was time to relax a little’ and so I’ve been working on that. The goal of becoming a CPA is just as vivid, but I’ve got to keep it all in perspective.

I attended my 30 year high school class reunion on Saturday night and left feeling very thankful for my family, friends, and all of life’s blessings.

From the words of the Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews song, “Alive and Well”:

“Breathing in and out’s a blessing can’t you see?
Today’s the first day of the rest of my life.
I’m alive and well”


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Allyson 13 years ago

It was an awful exam. Here's hoping we did better than we think. CURVE! CURVE! CURVE!

Kim 13 years ago

Yes, doing a lot of praying Allyson!

jim 13 years ago

I still can't believe how difficult those sims were. It's hard for me to shake this one off as well. Now we only have to wait a month. brutal!

Kim 13 years ago

At least we won't have to wait so long on scores in the 4th Quarter testing window... Have you moved on to study for another part?

jim 12 years ago

It's my last no. I took it in May, and I really didn’t study much(was too burnt from finally getting through BEC) , and got a 68. Then I spent my entire summer studying, and I was ready for the test. I felt good with the MCQ's, but one sim in particular was brutal. I actually spent time going through the tax code to see how they determined what gross income was for this particular topic. The other ones were very tough for me as well. I have to take a week off at least, then I will start going over this again. I am ready to be finished studying though….I am ready to have a life again. Now unfortunately I will be under the gun. I need to pass by Oct 30 or Far expires….not good!!

Kim 12 years ago

Maybe we'll both do better than the feeling that we left with. I keep trying to remember that the REG sims must have been very difficult for many others too...

Colleen 12 years ago

I took REG at the beginning of the testing window on July 12. The simulations were absolutely insane and I left feeling defeated. I've talked to one other person who took REG this window and she said the same exact thing. I'm glad to hear that other people felt the same way! Here's to hoping for a curve!

Kim 12 years ago

It's nothing like I've ever experienced before as far as doing everything you know to thorougly learn material (and making such a huge commitment of time in studying) and then for it to be presented in a way that you can't make heads or tails out of it. When I took BEC last year, it was challenging, but 'passable'. I'm glad to have passed that one under the old format because it cofirms that something is very different this year. Like you, I'm thankful to know others feel the same about REG. The testing window is closed now so we'll know something soon enough:)