The CPA Exam Balancing Act

07 Sep 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By kimj

Kim is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

“Dead months” probably mean different things to each CPA candidate, but for me I view them as “months of balance.” While trying to stick tightly to my study schedule, I also try to attend to things that I seem to have neglected during the prior testing window.

There are always mounds of non time-sensitive mail to look through, house cleaning and yard work to get caught up on, bank reconciliations to process, etc. The dead months go by fast and there are always tasks that still aren’t accomplished during those months and just have to wait until time permits.

As I plunged into the first chapter of my FAR Review course, one of the first topics that was covered related to one of the SIMS from my REG exam a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that there is overlap between the sections and I am beginning to see that first hand.

As we all have discussed, one of the most difficult aspects of this process is the waiting game during the dead months and trying to make an educated guess about whether it’s time to start studying for the next part.

It occurred to me this weekend that having the new study materials is a blessing because it’s taking my mind off of the anxiety of the waiting game during the next two weeks. I’m also thankful, and I know that you all are too, that this should be the last quarter that we have to wait this long for our scores.

Have a good, productive week.


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