PASS! REG is in the Rear View Window

Kim is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Like all of you, I look so forward each week to reading the new blogs on this site. It is truly therapeutic. I find myself getting emotional when I see a blog about someone not passing and read about them describing the emotions that they feel. Having been in that spot for four of the six times that I’ve sat for parts of the exam, I fully understand the feelings.

From the time on Wednesday afternoon that I saw the NASBA Tweet that the AICPA had released the scores to the time that I saw my score yesterday morning seemed like an eternity. I had four sleepless hours Wednesday night where I did what Bridget referred to in her blog as ‘post-test second guessing.’

When I sat for REG on November 29, it was my fourth attempt (previous scores: 63, 74, and 73). I did feel a little better last week when I left the testing site, but I was so guarded about that feeling. When I saw my score yesterday morning and it was a 75, I thought it was the most beautiful number that I’ve ever seen! All of the hard work and prayers had finally paid off!

I decided to wait to write this blog until I had added up all of my REG study hours. I keep a detailed study schedule, so that made it easy to get the total. I’m going to share the total because I think it’s a good example that it takes some of us longer than others to master this exam.

I’ve been studying for REG since last December and I logged 710 hours. This is not meant to scare anyone, but I do want it to be an example that persistence does pay off! Also, remember that I’m an older candidate, that I have bi-focal eyes, and haven’t worked in public accounting in over 20 years.

With all that said, I need to pass both FAR and AUD before my BEC score expires on May 31, 2012. So somehow, someway, I’ve got to grasp the material faster and/or develop better test-taking skills than I did for REG. I’ll be tackling FAR first. I have started studying for it twice already while waiting on the failed REG scores, so I have a few hours already. I’ll take any advice anyone has to give on tackling these two parts.

One of the first things that occurred to me yesterday after seeing the passing REG score was thanking my friends and family for their support. The first one that came to mind was my husband. He returned from a deployment in mid-October and had to get used to my very late and very early study hours. He weathered it well.

Our grown kids had been supportive as well. I sent the four of them a text yesterday that said, “The Old Lady finally passed my second part of the exam” to which one son replied, “It’s a pre-Christmas miracle!” You have to have a good sense of humor in our family!

My parents have been an awesome support, and when I called to share the good news with them yesterday, my stepfather said, “Well I’m going to have some spare time now each day because I won’t have to pray about this any more!” He won’t have much spare time, because his prayers will be needed for FAR.?

We’re all in this together. Happy Holidays to each of you.