A Magic Wand for REG?

21 Jul 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Kricket

Kricket is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since May 2009.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being a writer. I love to read and always have. I grew up on a farm and I would sneak a book out to the barn and read for hours while I pretended to work. I got in trouble for that more than once.

I was always trying to figure out who the killer was in Agatha Christie’s novels or crying over whether or not Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy would get together in Pride and Prejudice. I never even thought about being an accountant. I don’t think I even knew what a CPA was until I was 12.

It’s strange the way our hopes and dreams change with age. I haven’t had time to read a book in years. I think the last book I read, that wasn’t a CPA review book, was the last Harry Potter book. Now that the last movie is out, which was a good movie for those who haven’t had time to see it, I remember why I wanted to be a writer. It’s all about the story and keeping someone on the edge of their seat.

Unfortunately, REG does not keep me on the edge of my seat. In fact, it puts me to sleep sometimes.

Roger’s lectures were interesting and entertaining enough to keep me awake and alert, but now that the lectures are over I’m having a really hard time. REG is in less than 2 weeks, and I’m not ready! I’ve watched all of the Roger CPA Review lectures, and I’ve worked about half of the homework. I’m beginning to think my brain is full and nothing else is sticking.

Roger does a great job of explaining all of the stuff I didn’t learn in college and he does a great job of explaining taxes. The problem is me. I do not do taxes, other than payroll taxes. Maybe I have some sort of mental block against taxes because I have to pay them every year. I’m not sure.

When I watch the lectures I understand what he is doing and I completely get it. But then when I start working the problems I get that feeling like I’ve never seen this stuff before in my life.

I’ve bought the Wiley Focus Notes for my phone and I’m constantly reading those hoping against all hope that I will have one of those “light bulb” moments when everything makes sense. Everyone thinks I’m playing a game on my phone and tells me “Shouldn’t you be studying?” When I say that I am they are a bit shocked that I can study from my phone.

But despite everything, I will move forward. I’m going to do what Roger says and work all of the homework twice. I’m taking off most of next week to study so I should get it all done. Corporate taxes are currently kicking my behind, but I’ll get them.

My score report showed that my real weakness was corporate taxes. I have 9 days, which doesn’t feel like enough, but it has to be at this point.

I keep telling myself that I need a 75 and I have two 61’s. Fourteen points is a lot, but I’ve done a lot more work this time and I feel a lot more confident than I did the last time.

I guess REG really is my “hanging on the edge of your seat” moment because if I don’t pass, then I lose FAR, which would make this whole story a tragedy. I just wish I had a wand.

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CPA2B_KX2008 13 years ago

I always enjoy reading your blogs and thank you for sharing your stories and memories. You will do just fine on REG. If only I could sing one of the mnemomics on alternative minimum tax like you did on Audit statements lol, but first I need to find out what tune I should base it from, any suggestions :)

JoMarie 13 years ago

Can I borrow the Magic Wand for Reg when you're done?? You'll do fine, good luck!! :)

Dolores Sheets 13 years ago

I love your posts! Good luck with Reg, that is my section this go around. I told a friend that she could borrow some books from me for summer reading as I dont have time for casual reading and another "friend" piped up and said, "I'm sure she doesn't want to read essence of accounting." not sure that was a complement lol

Kricket 13 years ago

CPA2B_KX2008 If you are going to try to remember something to a tune I would suggest the theme from Gilligan's Island, because it worked for me, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That one is also the ABC song that kindergarteners use to learn their letters. JoMarie As soon as I find that wand, I promise to either cast the right spell or let you borrow it!

Allyson 13 years ago

But, Darling, you will have a magic wand! If your Prometric center "wands" you as you go in and out of the testing room, just cast a little Harry Potter spell like, "REG-i-pass-ious!" and you will pass.

Angie 13 years ago

Kricket- I have all the faith in the world you will pass. You were a lot closer than you thought last time- and that was w/ an unscheduled break (JK) and all. Just stay positive!! =)