CPA Exam Secret: My Wife Doesn’t Know I’m Studying!

04 Oct 2011

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Mark is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam.

I started studying for FAR.  My previous blog gave some history (excuses) of why I have not been able to concentrate on studying (i.e., changing jobs multiple times, selling house, moving several times, medical issues, etc.).

I may have found a strategy that will work for me this time around.

I’m going to go in to work early in the morning (I’m a morning person) to study, study over lunch, study sporadically throughout the day and stay a little bit after hours to study. My plan (crossing fingers) is that I will not have to do any studying at home.

In my last post, I also mentioned that my wife doesn’t support this path of studying for the CPA exam. So this time, I haven’t told her that I’m studying again. She doesn’t even know that I am doing this blog. So imagine studying for the CPA exam without telling your family that you are doing so!!!

My wife’s neck issues (advanced degenerative disc disease) are reaching the breaking point. She met with a top-notch spine doctor last week who told her that she is way too young to have this kind of stuff happening to her neck and spine.

He normally doesn’t suggest surgery, but in this case, he thinks it is the only thing left….and that he CANNOT guarantee that she will be pain-free afterwards.

That’s how ADDD works…if you fuse part of the spine one day…a domino effect happens, so that now a disc further down the spine is now the major pain, whereas before it wasn’t. Basically, my wife’s quality of life is starting to go down the crapper.

So the last thing she needs to hear right now is that he husband is going against her wishes and studying for the CPA exam again. So…I’m doing this studying with zero support. There is also a very good chance that I may be doing some studying before Thanksgiving in the waiting room at the hospital while my wife goes under the knife.

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Chris 13 years ago

Good luck to you and your wife!

Kris 13 years ago

Good luck to you and your wife!! I hope things start to turn around for her! It is almost impossible to explain how the process works, why it is difficult, what it will mean to you when you are done, etc. to non CPA candidates so I hope this route works better for you. When you are done or maybe even half way there, maybe your wife will understand then. Good luck!!

Sara 13 years ago

We're pulling for you!

Elissa 13 years ago

What a lot to deal with...but you can do it. I Studied for my exams while family members were undergoing treatment for cancer. It can be rough but studying was a good distraction from the family health issues, too. Best of luck to you both!!

Sarah 13 years ago

Good luck to you and your wife! I know what you mean by being too young to be sick like that...I'm 35 and dealing with chronic pain and other medical issues which make everything harder. It's not easy...a good support system goes a long way!

Andrea 13 years ago

Gosh, you are my inspiration. Hang in there! I am just starting and plan to sit BEC in November. It's been rough too. Good Luck to both of you, you are in my prayers.

nadia 13 years ago

Good luck to you Mark! I wish the best for your wife on her surgery. You certainly have alot on your plate. My hubby doesn't know I am studying for two exams--he thinks it is just one. The CPA has been an item of contention in my house, so I know how hard it is to push through without their approval. Inspiring post !

Disoriented 13 years ago

Hey, if people ask what you're doing you need a response that makes sense. Nurses talk, I'd suggest your brushing up on some things for work. I hope your wife's surgery goes well. Good luck on the Exams!

Ashley 13 years ago

I'm sorry to hear about everything you're going through! You have support here at another71! Praying your wife's health will improve. You can do this!

Mark 13 years ago

Thanks everybody.