Goodbye REG; Hello FAR

11 Aug 2011

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Matt is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of's Club 75 since April 2010.

In my last entry, I was in the final stages of preparing for my Regulation exam. The latter part of the week included rereading my notes countless times and working through hundreds of multiple choice using the Wiley Software test bank that Roger CPA Review provides with their course materials.

I found it really helpful to work MCQs over the various different sections as I studied. This way I would get a good grasp on the materials right after the lectures and then I could continue on.

Every couple of chapters I would stop and create an exam that covered everything I had studied to date. This was helpful in the sense that while I might have been listening to lectures in Reg 3, working MCQs for REG 1, REG 2 & REG 3 would keep me fresh on the prior materials.

Test day arrived and I had the normal anxieties that seemingly most people have on the day of a big test. Upon my arrival to the testing center, I was met with a new security measure as once I was all checked in, the proctor insisted on using a metal detector wand to determine if I had items in my pocket or under my t-shirt. Kind of an odd security measure at a testing site, but maybe they’ve had prior problems.

Once I got started with my exam, I always start out by writing down the various section time limits that Roger made us memorize to help keep us on track. I noticed my MCQs got gradually more difficult between testlets, and by the third testlet I had questions where I was going, “What the heck is this?” Prior experience and knowledge leads me to believe that maybe I was doing well? I’m one of those people who can’t tell and I’ll never tell anybody that I think I did well and passed an exam.

After the MCQs, I left myself plenty of time for the Task based simulations, but after completing the first two real quick, I ran into some trouble with a remaining 4 and found myself looking up concepts in the IRC research tab which ate up part of my time.

Because Roger CPA made a point to have me memorize my time limits and to stay on track with my exam, I was able to look up concepts that I was unsure of. Now I have the long wait before I will receive my score in mid Sept.

I used the weekend to clear my head, catch up with my finance, family and friends and not to mention the DVR I had not touched in a couple of weeks. As the week began, I received my FAR books from Roger CPA in the mail, and I’m quickly back into studying for the FAR exam which is in a few short weeks, 8/25.

This week I’ve gotten through the Introduction sections and FAR #1. Goals for the week include getting through the remaining FAR 1 sections and to start and complete FAR 2 as well as work through some MCQs and review all notes by the beginning of next week.

For now, study hard, stay focused and be safe!


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