FAR Exam Done… Time to Wait

06 Sep 2011

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Déjà vu! I’m back in the same place I was back in May with each part of the exam taken and waiting on two scores. I took FAR about a week ago, and I’m happy to report that I felt decent leaving the exam.

One thing I’ve learned through this process is to never let myself think that I’ve done great or I’ve passed, so I use the words “decent” or “OK.”

I felt prepared when I walked into the exam and got through the first testlet without too much stress. As I moved into the 2nd and 3rd testlets, I noticed the questions seemed to get harder and the paragraphs seemed to get more complicated, which they tell me is a good thing. The simulations weren’t too bad and were on materials I had seen before.

I used Roger CPA Review again for this exam and found that Roger’s lectures helped me focus on the areas that I was going to see in my exam. I followed his schedule and was able to focus on the task at hand.

I walked out of the testing center knowing that I gave it all I had and now I have a few weeks to just sit tight and wait, which can be the worst. I can always tell the week I know scores are going to be out because I get nervous and somewhat anxious.

Now with all of the exams behind me and nothing left to study for, I’m going to focus on getting my client work done for the 9/15 deadline, reconnecting with my fiancé, and getting in plenty of football watching time.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! Until next time.


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