Deadlines + Anxiously Awaiting FAR and REG Scores

20 Sep 2011

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Well, the 9/15 Tax deadline has come and gone, and I can say I made it through another busy season. They don’t ever seem to get easier and this one was one of the busier 9/15’s that I can remember.

Three straight 70+ hour weeks, and now I get a little break before things ramp up again for the 10/15 deadline. One thing I learned throughout this process of taking the CPA exam is that I strongly, strongly urge any new graduates to get the exam out of the way as soon as possible.

I always tell our new hires this because when you get to my level (6+ years in the firm) you become loaded down with clients, and you’re not just busy during the Spring and Fall busy seasons, you’re busy all year round.

Clients always need something whether it is returns, consulting projects, notice responses etc. I tend to put all my clients ahead of myself, and that’s probably why I’m still taking the exam.

This is a big week for me. Based on the projections, FAR and REG results should be released this week. I always get anxious during score release week because I know the scores will be coming out, and sometimes I can’t bring myself to check and see because I don’t want the disappointment of finding out I have to start studying yet again.

Therefore I’m hopeful that this is the week that I can say, “I’ve passed the exam, I’m ordering the ethics exam and I’m this close to becoming a CPA.”

To all those out there preparing for October and November exams, I hope the studying is going well and that you’ve stayed on course throughout this off month. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Take care until next time.

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Shawn 13 years ago

Both 9/15 and waiting on scores must be bad for the heart. Your journey has been pretty crazy so definitely hope you pass REG!