Winter Advantage: The Perfect Time for Regulation Study

06 Jan 2012

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Megan

Megan is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Is anyone else relieved that the holidays are over? I enjoy relaxing and seeing family, and I often wish I could do it more frequently. For some reason, if I have more than a day or so off from work without studying I feel antsy and unproductive.

That being said, I’m excited to have my fruitful routine back! Over the holiday break, I was able to complete the first four lessons of REG with Roger CPA Review. That’s not very impressive, considering all the time I had off. The goal now is to buckle down and devote these cold winter days to progress!

A girl I work with pointed out that winter is the best season to study. I think she’s right. I plan to bury myself in Regulation over the next couple months and come out of this Northeastern cold snap with a mountain of knowledge and a passing REG score!

As I look over Roger’s 9 Month Study Plan, I’m actually excited to cover the material ahead. Unlike my most recent lessons on Individual Taxation, I recall enjoying the topics discussed in my Business Law courses in school. I found Contracts, Property Law, and Agency Relationships to be very interesting and full of practical information.

I also noticed that there are about three lessons a week on my schedule, which has proven to be a good pace for me in the past. If all goes well, that pace will also allow me time to catch up a bit, since I’m almost six classes behind where I want to be in order to sit for the exam in late February.

I’m hoping that the decision to take my current job in the private sector will benefit me in these next few months as well. I believe I’ll find myself having more time to study during the first quarter of the year than my public sector counterparts.

Instead of competing with an endless supply of deadlines at work and mandatory working Saturdays, I’m hoping to be home at a decent time on weeknights and Saturdays committed to studying.

The key for me right now is to remind myself how much I enjoy learning new things (especially from Roger!) and maintain enthusiasm about reaching my goals. Don’t wait for your career to happen, take charge!

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