REG Catch-Up, Missing the Library, & Classical Music

Megan is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

The theme of the week has not been mustard, but catch-up! I realized I was about eight lessons behind where I wanted to be coming out of the holidays. That sounds like a lot, but I’m trying not to think about it. I’m doing my best to devote all the time I possibly can to getting back on track.

This weekend was nicely balanced. I was pleased that I got enough sleep to finally conquer the cold I’ve been battling since New Year’s Eve while also completing over two lessons of REG with Roger CPA Review between Friday and Saturday. I even squeezed in time with my boyfriend AND celebrated my brother’s birthday. Although I often sacrifice social gatherings in order to study, birthdays require attendance!

I found myself looking for a comfortable and productive study environment this past weekend, because my original plan of locking myself in the library was foiled. It turns out the library will not be open on weekends until the end of January…bummer! Wait…did I just say that? I’m actually disappointed that I can’t spend my weekends in the library. See what the CPA exams do to a person!?!

Luckily, I found a good way to create a fruitful environment in my often distracting home environment. I discovered a great way to minimize distracting background noise and block out other sources of procrastination. Have you ever tried listening to classical music while practicing multiple choice questions? I was surprised how well it kept me focused! I searched for “classical” music on the Spotify and actually came across “Classical Study Music.” Perfect!

I followed up the weekend with some Monday night studying which helped solidify this welcome momentum. If this pattern continues, I’ll be able to get back on track in a few weeks.

Historically, I would have my exam date scheduled by now, but that is not the case this time. Taking into consideration I will be moving into a new apartment at the end of this month, I am allowing myself the option to schedule my REG exam first thing in April as opposed to my original plan- the last weekend in February.

Although I find it difficult to compromise my plan, let’s be realistic. The goal is to PASS. I want to make sure I allow enough time to put in the effort required.

Keep it up, everyone! The Christmas cookies may be stale, but keep the accounting fresh!

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