Audit Passed: Celebration Turns to Motivation

30 Nov 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Megan

Megan is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Nothing is more motivating than a passing score! I received my passing score for AUD via email this week and just about bounced out of the car I was riding in!

This time was a little less dramatic than the first time. When I passed my first exam, FAR, I actually downed a shot of rum with my roommates to celebrate! This time, I took it down a notch and just hugged everyone in sight for the next hour.

The feelings I go through when receiving a passing score include nervousness, disbelief, excitement, joy, and relief. To be half complete with the CPA exam is a great feeling of accomplishment!

I can’t let it go to my head, though. There are still months of studying ahead and two more exams to tackle. I am feeling more and more grateful for choosing Roger CPA Review
as my source for knowledge, strategy, and motivation. I can say with confidence that it was the right choice for me.

The review course is already well worth the money. I didn’t expect to pass any of the exams on the first try (especially after hearing tales of 16 attempts before completing all four exams successfully). If you consider the benefit of not having to pay for repeat applications and exam fees, as well as the time you save by passing on the first attempt, I feel like I got a bargain!

More importantly, Roger keeps me interested, energized, and encouraged. Roger’s personality and pass rate made my decision originally. After completing two sections of the CPA exam, I can say that Roger’s confidence in his students and the success I’ve had following his plan are additional reasons why I would recommend the course to others.

As much as I enjoyed taking a break from studying these past few weeks, I am actually not dreading beginning the next section of review, REG. I look forward to learning from Roger and putting this next section behind me. Solid preparation and confidence have proven to be invaluable on my journey. The best way to achieve both is to dedicate myself to studying.

I’ve heard that FAR and REG are the sections during which most people run out of time. That was absolutely true for me when I took FAR, so I’d like to apply this new found confidence and motivation to my REG studies and prepare with a vengeance! Who’s with me?!?

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JoMarie 12 years ago

Congrats Megan!!! Isn't it great to be 1/2 done??