Ready for CPA Exam, Round 2

11 Aug 2011

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Melanie is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.  She has been a member of's Club 75 since April 2011.

I read once that if you’re happy and everything is going well, are you motivated to change? It’s when things aren’t going well that you start evaluating. Hmm, that didn’t work so well. Maybe I should try something different next time.

The CPA Review is something that I have thought about how I can change my ways. My first round about was rushed looking back. I gave myself a month to study and prepare and then sat for a test. I had taken the “I can do it in under a year” approach.

Ha, did I fail that. I came out of each exam feeling defeated and overwhelmed. I had imagined that after each part I would be relieved but honestly, I was more worried about how I did.

This much I knew: I needed to give myself a chance to actually study and review the material. I wanted the CPA title, and I had to make a change. So here I am, round 2. I am using Roger CPA Review, and I have to say that until now I have never actually been excited to receive CPA review books in the mail. I was like a kid in the toy store, giddy to get started.

So this past week as my daughter prepared for school by buying supplies, I found myself also in the aisles excited to buy highlighters and sticky tabs. This time around I am ready and prepared to be at my desk hours at end with my review and homework books.

Already I feel that this round is going to be better, and I will be prepared. So far Roger has been very user friendly, and I feel that understanding the material and grasping the concepts will not be such a challenge as it was with my last study materials.

So here we go everyone. Ding, ding, ding! Round 2!!

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