Disappointing AUD Score + Moving on to BEC

15 Dec 2011

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By RobynD

Robyn is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Well, the good news is I haven’t been let go from my job yet, as I had mentioned in my previous post. It’s just a matter of time, but it looks like I’m safe until after the New Year.

The bad news is, a 71 in AUD. I know what most of you are thinking. After 20 exams that a failing score is somewhat “normal” for me, and while I will say that generally speaking I’m numb when I check my scores, this time I felt truly and utterly disappointed.

I’ve already passed this section once, AND it’s truly where my passion for accounting lies. My MCQ’s from ALL study materials were averaging 90% or better. So, what gives?

Add to it that I can bang out “stronger” on the TBS section and yet struggle so much with the multiple choice. Seriously, what kind of sense does that make? (This hasn’t just happened with AUD, but every other section as well.)

As soon as I got the score, I immediately paid for my next round of tests. Waiting any longer would just delay setting a schedule and thus delay diving back into MCQ land. I’ve got all 3 parts (AUD, BEC and FAR) to pass by May 31st or I lose credit for REG.

I’ve tentatively scheduled all 3 sections, the first being BEC on January 8th. I’ve started studying again, although not as much as I’d like given I had anticipated being unemployed by this time. Hey, I try to find the best of a bad situation – what can I say!

I’ve also started the search for alternate employment and have been entertaining the thought of exiting accounting, temporarily, partially so I can remove myself from being surrounded by people that are constantly inquiring about my progress, but also to give myself a break from accounting besides what I’m studying at that given moment.

I believe my progress has stagnated because of significant burnout, so a temporary change in career might be exactly what I need to re-energize myself.

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