Buried in Audit + Moving on to BEC

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I’m sorry I’ve been MIA again for the last couple weeks. I’ve had my head buried in my Auditing books.

I just took Auditing on Saturday, and am still mad about one of the sims. After spending Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday thinking about it, I am beginning to see how it was connected to Auditing, maybe. Let’s hope that was a pretest.

I felt fairly prepared for my test. I spent the last couple days working multiple choice questions and going over the finer points in my Roger CPA Review book, NINJA Study Notes, and Wiley book.

The area I’ve been studying in (my bedroom) looks like an entire classroom full of people has been in here studying. I find it strangely comforting when my books are all around me. My fortress of paper will keep the bad test scores at bay!

So the multiple choice questions and all but the one simulation went decently. I couldn’t tell you if the testlets went from difficult to very difficult or not. So, I’m thinking since the questions didn’t get very wordy, they stayed the same. I’m still not used to how reworded some of the questions are. There were a few that really made me question if they were asking about what I thought they were asking.

Calling my husband after the test to talk to him about it is not his favorite call. I can understand. I’m on my way home, and it’ll only take 20-30 minutes before I get there. Why waste the time on the phone when you can talk in person?

Only this time, to be encouraging, he suggested that I start studying sooner for the tests (really?!?). He mentioned that it seemed like I was going over my books more than last time. I still don’t think he knows how unsupported that made me feel. Of course I didn’t mention it to him.

I’ve been following my study plan from Roger CPA Review and, in fact, have today as a scheduled day off. Then it’s on to BEC. I have that scheduled on the 29th, so I have a lot of homework to get through.

I would say that I’m not nervous, but variances haven’t been my friend. I don’t expect them to start treating me nice now. I’m not sure which is more daunting: the fact that the books are so much thinner than REG or FAR and the test is just as long or that REG and FAR are that thick.

I also have to decide if I can handle waiting to look my scores up before I take BEC. Score release is in the middle of my BEC studying, and I am THE WORST when it comes to waiting for info and news. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep myself from looking. But if I don’t look, I’m not sure I’ll be able to focus. Either way, I have a week to figure it out.

Right now, though, I am headed off to bed. My 4 am study date awaits, and I need my beauty sleep if I’m expecting to have brain capacity.

Good luck to everyone!


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