Jury Duty, Boulders, and CPA Exam Mnemonics

01 Jul 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Shanti

Shanti is a new weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of Another71.com's Club 75 since December 2010.

The last two weekends have been full of Roger CPA review accelerated classes. That means I have covered half the FAR info and two-thirds the REG info.

I only wish Roger was here to motivate me and keep me on track to do my homework. I might actually feel like I’m getting somewhere if I had him singing TT-BPO-75 or 90 to me as I did my multiple choice questions.

I did get a chance to introduce myself to nonprofit and business consolidations during my stint of jury duty. I figured I should since I hadn’t covered either in any of my classes. There’s nothing like having to wait out almost an entire day when you’ve set yourself up to only be able to study.

I’m hoping to get some study time in this weekend. I’m not sure how well I will succeed. My family is already calling and trying to schedule at least one BBQ. I was hoping to get some time Thursday afternoon or Friday, but had our neighbor knock on our door and inform us that the passenger window on our car had been busted out.

I’m not talking busted out like someone just wanted to get in and steal something. I’ve learned long ago that you don’t leave a thing in the car! Unfortunately, this time they took a boulder the size of someone’s head and tried to go through the window frame with it, damaging the window frame and interior door panel.

So not only did we have to spend the afternoon cleaning glass, we had to clean the garage to fit the car in it (no chance of getting the window replaced the same day). I had been wanting to clean the garage, but on my timeline. I guess life sometimes decides when you’re going to do things!

I want to wish everyone testing this window good luck! I get to start studying AUD next weekend and BEC starts the weekend after. I can’t wait to see what mnemonics Roger has in store for me!

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MOMCPA2B 13 years ago

What you will hear is--"Who's Statments are these?" Managements. lol And you will get some singing. You will CRIME and RIIO and the ARCC goes to RIIO. I cant wait to take him for BEC. How is he? Oh yeah and my other favorite. I dont know if I love you but i dont know that I dont love you. LOL..Limited assurance. Best of luck