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07 Sep 2011

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Shawn is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

I just watched AUDIT 1 of Roger CPA Review. Right off the bat, in his program introduction, Roger mentions how the lessons are built on the assumption that the students have NOT taken any classes in the subject. I liked this because how many times have we studied an area not our specialty?

Rather than skim through with an explanation based on the premise that you may remember something from one elective course taken xx years ago, the concepts are reduced to something even I can follow. In areas you are stronger in, this may feel tedious but breaking down extremely basic ideas definitely helps when you come across foreign concepts.

On a separate note, I’m creating a sophisticated program that will help me with my studies. It would be linked to my entertainment system to do the following:

• If I try to watch the T.V. or a YouTube video, the program automatically filters out the videos so that the selection will be limited to the next chapter of a pre-approved CPA review program or any of the American Ninja series.

• A sensor on the T.V. or computer (similar to that used in the Wii), keeps track of my head/eye movement. When it senses that I am dozing off, the remote control/keyboard automatically releases a 250 volt charge to keep me focused. Process will stop only after I have solved five multiple choice problems correctly or am foaming at the mouth.

• Noise cancelling head phones/force field that automatically filters out the phrases “Have you passed the exam yet?” and “When I was studying for xxx test” or any variation thereof.

Warning: To date, the main side effect is a propensity to pick up the mannerisms of the lecturer (this includes extreme energy, laughing at your own accounting jokes and an affinity for the flavored water Propel). Product also leads to a face recognition problem where friends and family don’t recognize me as I have not been to major social engagements for the last xx days/months/years. There have been no deaths reported to date.

I’m sure I could find a venture capitalist interested in funding a product like that. Happy studying everybody!

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Chris 13 years ago

You may be a little too imaginative to become a regular CPA. jk ;D Good luck with your study!

Shawn 13 years ago

Haha, don't worry. No "creative" accounting for me so I have to channel it all out somewhere else (like here) first. Thanks and good luck to you too!