FAR Review: Flashcards and Online Test Bank

31 Oct 2011

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By sherrit

Sherri is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

This week has been somewhat productive for me. Even with the stress of monthly close, I still managed to almost finish studying government and non-profit accounting.

Although I don’t really care for the subject matter, I must admit that the problems are easier than the rest of the FAR material. I completely messed up on the last FAR exam on a governmental simulation. I WILL be ready this time, though.

I am finishing up my flashcard review and will be soliciting the assistance of friends and family as I pace across the floor and recite as many governmental and non-profit facts that I can manage.

A good friend of mine (Hey there Tammy… just checking to see if you’re reading this…) is going to call out my flashcards during my lunch hour a few days next week. My husband will help me with another set of cards at night.

I am feeling like I have the bases covered and hopefully will be able to capture those couple of points that I missed during my last go around on the exam.

I really like the Wiley online test bank. It is very helpful to be able to work the problems from any computer. I have even been able to do some questions during my lunch hour at work. I also like the detailed explanations that are provided for the answers.

I’ve been careful to read the rationale for both the correct and incorrect choices because I’ve found that occasionally, although I might have answered correctly, I didn’t consider all of the needed criteria when making my choice.

I’ve also been working the class problems in the Roger CPA Review textbook. I managed to get 50 questions done while driving to Dallas this weekend. I’m trying to squeeze in both time to study and time to relax with family a bit. I am hoping that a balanced approach will help.

Happy Halloween everyone.


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