With FAR a Success, Now AUD Awaits

17 Jan 2012

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By sherrit

Sherri is a weekly Another71 Facebook blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam.

Hi All!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve just started studying for Audit in the hopes of testing before the end of February. Having passed FAR with a bit of stutter start, I lost my REG and AUD credits.

I’m using the Roger CPA Review this time around for Audit since I had such success with it for FAR. This weekend was my first chance to watch the Roger video classes. His enthusiasm is infectious! Who would have thought that Audit could actually be humorous?

I’ve decided to change up my approach for studying the Audit course. I haven’t mapped out my study plan by day yet. I am planning on doing so this week. My rough plan is to do approximately 1 section of the course a week, leaving one week to do the Wiley Test Bank Review. I realize that such a schedule will be cutting things pretty close. I don’t have much alternative though.

One other unusual recommendation that the Roger folks made, that seems to be working for me, is to watch the videos BEFORE reading the text. I find that watching the videos first helps reinforce my reading. Since I am doing the on line course, I prefer to stop the video regularly and highlight my book or take notes.

Although the material is not new to me, since I have tested for and passed Audit before, there is still a mountain of information to master before I take the test so I can be sure to pass it again. I’m planning on watching the videos, reading the text and doing the Wiley homework problems, for each section at a time, in order. Hopefully this approach will be the ticket to pass.

The course materials are incredibly thorough, without being overwhelming with a bunch of detail that isn’t necessary. The “solutions approach” in the Roger materials has been very helpful for me too. The course emphasizes an equal importance of knowing why an answer is correct as well as why a given answer is incorrect. I feel like I am really learning the material, as opposed to just memorizing it.

Good luck to all who are starting this process fresh in 2012. It’s a new year… destined to be filled with new successes!


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