BEC Study: Down to the Wire

23 Aug 2011

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I have a week left before facing BEC for the… ugh… it hurts to say it, the fourth time! I have a mix of emotions going though my head. I am nervous because in the past, I have been so sure of passing this exam, only to be disappointed.

Yet I am trying to be more positive because they say half of the battle going into this exam is to be mentally prepared and positive thinking. But it’s kind of hard to be positive when you have been let down a few times.

My REG credit that I was so proud to earn last year will expire in December, and I haven’t been able to pass any of the remaining sections. Regardless, I spent the entire weekend going over MCQs that I had a hard time on my first attempt.

According to Becker professors, you are not prepared for the exam unless you have done all the homework questions at least three times. I understand what they are saying, but that’s a bit difficult to achieve especially when you are taking two sections in one testing window and working full time.

So, my strategy has been to mark all the questions that gave me a hard time during my first time doing the homework and then go back and review them again. And If I have time, I will be going over them again one more time. But honestly, some of those questions are so tough that they leave me feeling even more nervous.

I have also been doing 20 questions on a daily basis from Plus, I couldn’t resist the great deal Jeff threw in when his site went down and purchased the online test bank by Wiley for BEC.

Am I over doing it? I don’t know. My first two attempts at BEC were by using Bisk software. The last attempt was with Becker, which left me 5 points shy of passing. According to my recent score of 70 on the progress test, my weak chapters are B3 and B5.

Now if only I can get the score to go up to 80 in a week, I may have a shot at passing BEC. I know my weak areas are variances. So, I plan to work on more questions involving that. But overall, practice, practice and practice more MCQs is my plan of action for the next week. The rest is que sera sera…

Good luck to everyone testing in the next few days.

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Rebecca 13 years ago

We are in the same boat! I am taking BEC for my 4th try Saturday. I have an audit credit that will expire in November and haven't passed any others. I am nervous about BEC as I still haven't made it through all the questions because I am really trying to grasp it all this time. I keep toying with the idea of moving the exam to 10/1 but think that is torture and will make studying for FAR worse during that testing window. Good luck!!

shuchi 13 years ago

Yeah I can't even think of postponing it because in September i will find out my FAR result. Based on that I will prob be studying for far or Audit in next testing window or both =/ Good Luck Rebecca!