Five Days Left Until Audit

05 Aug 2011

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I have 5 days left until my Audit test, and I’m feeling pretty good. I finished all of the videos last Wednesday before I left town for the lake. Then on Monday I started my reviewing.

I’m just beginning my review of AUD-4 in Roger CPA Review. After that I will finish the last section and then go back and hit some of the MCQs I’m weak on and miscellaneous MCQs.

I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and I don’t feel rushed, so that’s nice for a change. One bad thing is that I must be slightly stressed out because I’ve been getting headaches/ migraines every day.

Hopefully this will go away after Tuesday and it’s just a by-product of my stress from my test and studying and also not exercising as much since I’ve been making my studying schedule much more intense.

I haven’t even left the house this week except for volunteering on Tuesday. All I’ve been doing is studying and chores and taking little breaks to watch TV and walk the dogs. Today I am taking a break, and I’m going to the fair in the afternoon for a few hours.

Even though I’m confident about my studying methods and so far my average for MCQs is 78%, I still feel really nervous about the test. I felt pretty confident about Audit last time and I got a 71. When I came out of the test I was very pleased with myself and I was crushed when I got a 71.

The only thing I feel a little bit shaky about are the TBS questions. I’m a little worried that Audit might include some adjusting journal entries and I haven’t found any practice questions on those. I’m going to look in the Wiley book and see if I can find some examples.

I have to try to get some studying in before I leave for the fair!

Study Hard!

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Julie 13 years ago

I would DEFINITELY try to look to find some TBS on adjusting entries. ;)

Binh 13 years ago

Know the all standard audit reports words for words. I would practice writing it out a few time.

JoMarie 13 years ago

Knowing the standard audit report word for word helped me.

JoMarie 13 years ago

Good Luck!! :)

Angie 13 years ago

Woo-Hoo, good luck, mine's already in 2 weeks!!